Wild Health CBD Review

Wild Health CBD Review (+ 2020 Coupon Code!)

Wild Health CBD Review

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Wild Health CBD is one of the newer companies to recently hit the CBD sector.

As a company owned by physicians, farmers, and scientists, Wild Health claims to have the highest quality CBD on the market. 

How can they be so sure? They say their products from seed to sale and are “meticulous about every part of the process.” 

Let’s take a deeper look.

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Who is Wild Health CBD? 

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With so many CBD companies currently flooding the market, standing out from your competition is paramount for success. 

Knowing who’s behind a brand can give consumers peace of mind that they’re purchasing wellness products from people who truly care about helping others and not just in it for the money. 

Wild Health CBD is owned and operated by a group of scientists and clinicians, including three farmers, two physicians, and two scientists that have come together to create “the purest and most therapeutic CBD products possible from seed to bottle.” 

Two of Wild Health’s three farmers have medical degrees and are doctors both passionate about farming and growing plants that can be used to enhance the health and wellness of their patients. 

Wild Health’s physicians are also involved in the growing process, as well as product development. 

They work closely with the farmers and scientists to achieve the highest health benefits possible of their products based on published studies and the synergistic action of other natural ingredients that can be successfully combined with CBD for increased wellness benefits. 

In order to ensure that they are truly offering the most beneficial products available, Wild Health’s team of physicians oversees every step of the process. 

Then there are the scientists behind Wild Health. 

This two-person team holds PhDs in chemistry, molecular biology, and plant genomics and are the ones responsible for the extraction, processing, and bottling of Wild Health products. 

They feel strongly that the extraction process is important, and you can read about their process here.  

It’s one of the things that sets them apart and worth a read to hear their philosophy and the science behind it.  

They try to work with the plant and extract as gently and naturally as possible.

Wild Health offers awesome information about who they are, generating a sense of trust with potential customers with the detailed bios of each individual behind their team. 

If you’re interested in learning more about them, click here

Wild Health CBD Products

Wild Health CBD has kept things simple by sticking to tinctures. 

They have all the standard products coming soon, including a “performance coffee” that includes CBD, caffeine, cordyceps, and lion’s mane to optimize both body (cordyceps) and brain (lion’s mane).  

Each of these ingredients have been shown to improve mental and physical performance naturally, and they believe there are synergies between these powerful plant medicines (cannabis, caffeine, cordyceps, lion’s mane).

Here we’ll take a deeper look at exactly what Wild Health has to offer. 

Wild Health CBD Tincture / 500mg ($54.95), 750mg ($74.95), 1500mg ($124.95)

Wild Health CBD tincture is made from hemp grown in Kentucky. 

They use sustainable growing practices focusing on the health of the soil and the quality of end products.  

They even have a long term goal of carbon-neutral farms in the future. 

They put a lot of care and energy into the way the plants are cultivated to source their CBD products.


Wild Health CBD tinctures come in a clear bottle, and each tincture is a bit darker than the next depending on milligram content. 

The 500mg option was golden, while the 750mg size was a deeper amber gold. 

The 1500mg strength was the darkest of all, with deeper brown amber hues. 

The color of CBD oil can tell you quite a bit about its quality. 

Golden amber liquid is typically standard of a high-quality CBD oil that’s gone through the process of decarboxylation, as well as other processes that filter out other plant materials and phytochemicals. 

When an oil is brown, it typically means that it’s been decarboxylated but hasn’t gone through further filtering and processing. 

One of the goals of Wild Health CBD is to minimize processing as much as possible.  

Their philosophy is to create a “small batch” process and “trust the plant” by processing to get therapeutic effects, but not over process.


With Wild Health, you get pure CBD oil without the addition of any flavors or sweeteners. 

They believe this should be considered medicine, not candy.  While we personally love the natural taste of pure CBD oil, some prefer something a little less “earthy.” 

Anyone who does enjoy the natural taste of CBD oil as much as we do, however, will love what Wild Health has to offer. 

We wondered if the difference in color would make the different milligram sizes taste any different. There were distinguishable differences in each bottle we tried. 

The 500mg size was the “smoothest” tasting of all. It has a natural flavor but wasn’t overpowering in the slightest. 

We found the 750mg size to have an even stronger natural flavor than the 500mg size. It also seemed to taste a lot like the hemp plant itself. 

The 1500mg size, which was also the darkest, had the strongest taste of the three and tasted very natural and had a very obvious hemp flavor. 

Other Wild Health CBD Tinctures

While their website says that they’re currently sold out of their other CBD tinctures, they say they’ll be back in stock soon. They include a CBD ASD Blend and a CBD Sleep Blend. 

Wild Health CBD ASD Blend

Available in both 750mg and 1500mg options, the CBD ASD Blend contains a proprietary blend of CBD oil and sulforaphane. 

Sulforaphane is a natural plant compound found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale. 

Potential health benefits include possible anticancer properties, many help support heart health, reduction of autism spectrum disorder symptoms, and is believed to be beneficial for diabetes, and more.  

They hope that CBD will be synergistic with sulforaphane for these conditions.


Wild Health Sleep Blend

Wild Health’s CBD Sleep Blend is formulated with CBD oil and melatonin to help individuals who have trouble sleeping get the rest they need.

Available in both 750mg and 1500mg options, anyone who might have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep could find benefit in this proprietary sleep blend formula.

Melatonin plays a critical role in the sleep/wake cycle, and there is a large body of research that indicates that supplementing with melatonin could be helpful in treating sleep disorders


Third Party Lab Test Results

When it comes to CBD products, having third party lab results is fundamental.

Not only do they inform consumers about any pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals that might be in the oil, but also indicate just how much CBD is in each bottle.

Without FDA regulation, third party lab results are the only real way to know whether or not you’re truly getting a quality product. 

You can see their 3rd parting testing results here.

Final Thoughts on Wild Health CBD

Overall, we were generally impressed with Wild Health CBD. 

Their website is simple and easy to navigate, and there’s a lot of information about the people behind the company. 

Prices seem consistent with other CBD brands of similar milligram size. 

We think that with a few slight tweaks and minor changes, Wild Health CBD could become a well-recognized, reputable brand. 

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