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Vicki asks: “Will a urine drug screen be positive for marijuana very low in THC and high in CBD?”

Thanks for your great question, Vicki 🙂

With the recent popularity of CBD hemp oil, a lot of people are asking the same question.

The answer is that there is no way to know for sure if the drug test will detect the small amount of THC.

It depends on far too many variables such as how your body processes the THC and how much of the product you were using.

Unfortunately the only way to know you will not fail a drug test for THC is to not use any THC at all.

For this reason, CBD isolates and products made from CBD isolates, or simply products which contain zero THC would be the best bet for someone who is at risk for taking a drug test.

The other important point is to make sure the product truly contains zero THC, even if that’s what the product label claims. The best way to know is to examine a lab report for the exact product and batch of the product that you have in your possession.

I hope this answer helps you and anyone else wondering the same thing 🙂

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