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Tru Organics is a Colorado-based CBD brand founded in 2015 offering all-natural wellness and beauty products. Dedicated to quality and doing everything they can to become a respected name in the CBD industry, after reviewing a few of their products and taking a deeper look at their brand, we think Tru Organics is off to a great start. 

Let’s take a look.

Who Is Tru Organics?

Tru Organics is a brand owned and developed by Hemp Depot, one of the largest and most trusted vertically integrated CBD producers/wholesalers nationwide. As one of the first 13 companies to become certified by the US Hemp Association, Hemp Depot is one of the most reputable companies in the business, with brands that reflect their unwavering commitment to quality.  

All Tru Organics products were created with the vision of providing pure, quality CBD products at competitive prices that everyone can afford. 

Other brands created by Hemp Depot include Cibadol (voted the best CBD product by Hemp Connoisseur) and PurePet (a CBD brand dedicated solely to our furry friends). 

Tru Organics commitment to quality is apparent through their promise to remaining completely transparent. Adamant about offering quality CBD products, extensive, third party lab testing is performed through every stage of production and readily available on their website.  

Tru Organics products start on their own Colorado hemp farms, where non-GMO hemp plants are organically grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. The hemp used to source their products has been carefully selected its proprietary genetics developed from years of research. High CBD and low THC ratios make Tru Organics CBD products legally available in all 50 states. 

Once hemp is harvested and cured, Tru Organics uses proprietary CO2 extraction methods in their own cGMP certified facility to create their quality CBD oil. Third party tested both after extraction and again after products are created, consumers are offered the peace of mind that they really are choosing quality CBD. 

Tru Organics has several certifications and memberships including: 

  • GMP Certified
  • Colorado Department of Agriculture
  • Hemp Industries Association
  • National Hemp Association
  • Kosher Certified
  • Cruelty-Free
  • FDA Registered

It’s easy to see that Tru Organics is doing everything they can to ensure consumers Tru products are ones they can believe in.

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Tru Organics CBD Products


Tru Organics is a lifestyle CBD brand with a focus on natural wellness and beauty. With an exclusive product line (that Tru maintains is “always growing”) of different CBD oil options such as tinctures and capsules, face products, body care and more, this brand is one that believes “tru beauty starts from within.” 

From all natural CBD oil products and luxury self-care products, Tru Organics invites consumers to experience their tru beauty with a gorgeous line of different CBD options. 

Check it out.

Tru Organics CBD Tinctures

Ingredients used to craft Tru Organics’ premium tinctures are kept simple, including a blend of fractionated coconut oil (MCT), sunflower lecithin and high quality hemp oil. That’s it.


Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Tru Organics’ full spectrum CBD tincture is available in three different options:

  • 300mg/10mg CBD per serving ($29.99 or $24.89/month)
  • 900 mg/30mg CBD per serving ($39.99 or $33.19/month)
  • 1800mg/60mg CBD per serving ($55.99 or $46.47/month)

We tried Tru’s 900mg CBD tincture and found it to be on par with other high-quality CBD tinctures we’ve reviewed. The color was a gorgeous amber, indicative that it’s gone through minimal processing and is indeed a high-quality oil. The earthy, natural flavor is something we personally prefer. Those more accustomed to flavored tinctures should keep in mind that Tru only offers unflavored tincture options. 

Full-spectrum CBD products are preferred by many CBD consumers as they contribute to the entourage effect. While THC levels are kept minimal (below 0.3%) and don’t cause any psychoactive effects, the small presence of this important cannabinoid works in harmony with other cannabinoids and cannabis compounds to create a synergistic effect that’s suggested to contain increased wellness benefits.

THC Free Broad Spectrum Distillate

For those who don’t want THC in their CBD tinctures, Tru Organics has created a broad spectrum CBD tincture available in three different options: 

  • 900mg/30mg CBD per serving ($44.99)
  • 1800mg/60mg CBD per serving ($59.99)
  • 3600mg/120mg CBD per serving ($89.99)

Tru Organics CBN Tincture

Here’s something different. Tru Organics offers a CBN tincture derived from CBN isolate that is sourced from their organic Colorado farms.

Each 30ml bottle ($70.00) contains 300mg of CBN, or 10mg per serving. 

Why CBN? 

CBN is full of potential benefits…and was actually the first cannabinoid to be identified by researchers! 

In preliminary research CBN has shown to contain sedative-like qualities, pain relieving properties, appetite stimulation, anti-seizure capabilities, benefits for bone healing and more. 

Tru Organics invites consumers to add this tincture to their favorite recipes, apply it topically or take it sublingually. They also suggest combining it with other CBD products to create a personalized, “custom cannabinoid therapy routine.”

Tru Organics CBG Tincture

To add to the list of other cannabinoids Tru Organics offers, they’ve also got a 900mg CBG tincture ($69.99). 


It’s simple. CBD and THC aren’t the only cannabinoids believed to contain wellness properties. 

CBG has shown to contain antibacterial properties that could help fight infection. It’s also believed to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reliever and help alleviate intraocular eye pressure. 

Like Tru Organics’ other CBD tinctures, their CBG tincture is made with just three simple ingredients, including fractionated coconut oil, non-GMO sunflower lecithin, and CBG.

Tru Organics Ingestible Products


Tru Organics CBD Gummies/$59.99

No CBD line is complete without an option for CBD gummies. 

Available in two flavors (citrus or mixed berry), Tru Organics CBD gummies each contain 30mg of CBD and are made with ingredients that keep things as natural as possible.

Naturally sweetened with tapioca syrup and honey, they’re a sweet CBD treat you won’t feel guilty about eating when you can’t stop at just one!

Tru Organics CBD Capsules

Softgels are an easy, familiar way to get a regular serving of CBD. Tru Organics understands this, offering three different options for those who prefer to take their CBD in pill form. 

  • Tru Organics Softgel CBD Pills 

 Tru Organics Softgel CBD Pills are available in 300mg/10mg per pill ($29.99) and 900mg/30mg per pill ($39.99) options. Like their tinctures, Tru Organics softgels are made with simple ingredients including MCT oil, non-GMO sunflower lecithin and full spectrum hemp oil. 

We had the opportunity to try Tru Organics Softgel 900mg CBD pills. We’re big fans of CBD pills and appreciate a quality CBD oil in a familiar supplement form. The pills themselves are small and seemed to offer results we’re familiar with when taking a good CBD product. Tru’s CBD pills are made with gelatin, which we believe vegans and vegetarians should be aware of. 

One of the best things about Tru Organics Softgel CBD Pills is that they’re so convenient. We love recommending softgels to those new to CBD as they remove some of the mystery of taking something so unfamiliar. What’s more, is Tru’s CBD Softgels are made with full spectrum hemp extract derived from sustainable Colorado hemp farms, offering the coveted entourage effect that makes some CBD products seem that much better than others that don’t contain traces of THC. 

  • Tru Organics AM Tablets (Coming Soon)

While not available at the time of this review, Tru Organics will soon be offering 30mg CBD softgels ($44.99) designed to be taken in the morning. They’re formulated with four simple ingredients (caffeine, vitamin B12, vitamin C and CBD isolate) to offer the boost of energy you need, without the negative side effects of caffeine. 

  • Tru Organics PM Tablets

 These sugar-free pressed tablets are designed for restful sleep and relaxation, formulated with three simple ingredients (melatonin, chamomile and CBD isolate). While their website says they are available 10mg and 30mg per pill options, we only found the 30mg ($44.99) option offered on their website. 

Tru Organics Fizzy CBD Tablets/$19.99 

Available in grape, lemon lime or raspberry, these fizzy tablets contain 10mg CBD each and are designed to be dropped into your water or favorite beverage for a sippable CBD option. Made with water soluble CBD, these fizzy tablets are designed for those who enjoy the benefits of CBD but don’t necessarily enjoy taking a tincture or pill. 

Tru Organics E-Liquid / $40  

For those who enjoy the rapid benefits of vaping CBD, Tru Organics offers a 1000mg CBD e-liquid. Like other Tru products, ingredients are kept simple and contain just four ingredients including: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural flavoring, and CBD. 

Flavor options include: grape, mango, mint and strawberry lemonade.

Tru Organics Topical Beauty Products


Tru Organics Topical Beauty Products truly are in a class by themselves. 

Anyone interested in the benefits of CBD for skincare will want to check out the 10 different products beauty products Tru Organics blends with all natural ingredients that are designed to support healthy skin including: 

  • Tru Organics Lotion / $45  

This is the only one of Tru Organics topical products that we had the opportunity to review. Honestly, after experiencing its effects, we can’t wait to try the rest of their beauty products. 

Designed to “leave your skin feeling softer and more luxurious than ever before,” we’ve got to say that this lotion works exactly as it’s intended. With a light, almost citrusy scent, this lotion contains a host of all natural ingredients combined with full spectrum hemp extract that left our skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth. 

  • Tru Organics Eye Cream / $55  

Designed to support the delicate skin around and beneath the eye area. 

  • Tru Organics Face, Hair and Body Oil / $90 

Blended with all natural oils and CBD to “get the kissable skin and velvety soft hair you’ve always dreamed of.” 

  • Tru Organics Facial Cleanser / $30 

Made with natural ingredients, Tru Organics Facial Cleanser is designed to gently cleanse the skin and remove any dirt and impurities for clean, soft, glowing skin. 

  • Tru Organics Facial Exfoliant (500mg) / $60 

This gentle facial exfoliant made with all natural ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe is designed to leave skin “hydrated, nourished and blemish-free.” 

  • Tru Organics Facial Moisturizer (1000mg) / $85 

This facial moisturizer is formulated with essential vitamins and other natural ingredients that work harmoniously together to promote long-term skin health. 

  • Tru Organics Facial Serum (500mg) / $60 

This all-natural facial serum is made to support skin cell health and revitalize skin that might need a little extra attention.  

  • Tru Organics Fountain of Youth Bundle / $60 

Includes Exfoliant, Face Serum and Eye Cream

Final Thoughts About Tru Organics

We truly believe Tru Organics is off to a great start.

Not only are they passionate about quality CBD, they’re able to prove it by providing third party lab testing several times throughout the production process with lab test results readily available on their website. Speaking of their website, it’s gorgeous and full of all the information consumers might need. 

The products we did try were of the quality we’ve come to expect successful CBD brands to offer. We also appreciate that Tru offers CBN and CBG tinctures for individuals interested in branching out with other cannabinoids. 

Would we use Tru Organics CBD again? 

You bet. 

We’d even recommend it to our audience and friends.

use code for 20% OFF: TRUORGANICS20

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