Tribe CBD: “CBD for the People” (Review + Coupon Code!)

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Tribe CBD has stepped into the CBD scene with a simple mission: they want to provide the highest quality CBD products at prices people can actually afford. 

How does Tribe CBD compare to the countless other and counting CBD companies on the market? 

Let’s take a look. 

Who Is Tribe CBD?

We learned a little more about this new company based out of Denver, Colorado when we sat down for a podcast interview with Alec, the owner of Tribe CBD. 

While he was at first focused on the marijuana side of cannabis, Alec found his focus shifted when a family member’s son took CBD and had tremendous results. 

Check out the full podcast episode with Alec, owner of Tribe CBD

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The name Tribe was inspired by the idea of creating a community that set a standard in the industry for offering a quality product. 

Passionate about third party testing and giving consumers what they’re expecting, Tribe is a company dedicated to doing CBD right. 

Tribe CBD’s broad-spectrum products are created from organic hemp cultivated with care in Colorado using ethanol extraction. 

The hemp farm used to source Tribe’s products is actually the largest USDA organic hemp farm in the country, which is something Alec described to us as a “game changer.” 


Because with a USDA-certified organic hemp farm, you can be certain you’re actually getting a quality product. Especially when the said organic product has the third party lab test results to prove it, something Tribe is adamant about offering. 

Tribe CBD Products

Tribe CBD Products

Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

Tribe CBD offers a broad-spectrum CBD tincture designed to be taken sublingually or mixed in with your favorite beverage. Because its broad spectrum, it means it doesn’t contain any THC but is still rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Tribe’s CBD oil is available in two flavors: Natural and Citrus. It is available in three different milligram options: 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg. 

Tribe Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

As far as price is concerned, Tribe does offer a lower price point than some other companies we’ve seen. 

You’ve got a couple options. You can sign up for a monthly purchase and save 10%, or buy once and pay regular price, which are as follows: 

  • 250mg (8mg per serving/$19.99) 
  • 500mg (17mg per serving/$37.99)
  • 1000mg (33mg per serving/$64.99)

Cold Therapy Hemp CBD Cream

Most CBD companies present potential customers with a topical option, and Tribe CBD is no exception. 

Their Cold Therapy Hemp CBD cream comes in a 3oz tube for easy portability and offers targeted, cooling relief for sore muscles and joints. 

Formulated with a blend of natural ingredients including broad spectrum CBD oil, arnica, chamomile, aloe vera and more, Tribe CBD’s Cold Therapy Hemp cream is available in two different strengths: Regular (100mg) and Extra Strength (200mg). 

You can either sign up to receive a monthly order and save 10%, or do a one-time purchase at the following prices: 

  • Regular Strength (100mg): $24.99
  • Extra Strength (200mg): $39.99
Tribe Cold Therapy CBD Cream

CBD Energy Shots

It’s reported that CBD can help improve focus and energy. 

Tribe CBD blended their CBD Energy Shots to give you a boost of energy you need to help keep you clear-headed and focused, whatever the day may bring. 

Aside from 20mg nanoemulsified CBD, these 2.5oz energy shots also contain caffeine, ginseng, beta-alanine, and guarana which are all known for the energy-inducing abilities. 

One verified buyer said referred to it as their “new go-to energy shot” after drinking 5-hour energy drinks for years for the “sustained and focused” boost it offered. 

Tribe CBD Energy Shots are priced as follows: 

  • 1 Shot: $4.49
  • 3-Pack: $11.99
  • 12-Pack: $39.99

What did we think of tribe CBD Energy Shots?

We had the opportunity to try the Tribe CBD Energy Shot at the perfect time…on a 1,400-mile road trip. 

About 800 miles and two days in, we found we were fading fast and still had a couple hundred miles to go before stopping for the evening. 

After drinking just one of Tribe’s energy shots, we experienced a significant shift in energy. 

Not only did it help us wake up but offered a calm sense of focus and determination to get us through that last stretch. 

CBD Sleep Shots

If you’re one of the countless people that have trouble sleeping, Tribe CBD Sleep Shots could offer the relief you need. 

Each 2.5oz sleep shot contains 20mg of nanoemulsified CBD (which helps it blend and absorb better), as well as a blend of proprietary herbs known for their soothing, sleep-inducing properties. Valerian root, skullcap and melatonin are all blended into this CBD-infused nightcap to help you catch up on any sleep you’ve been missing out on. 


Tribe CBD Sleep Shots are priced as follows:

  • 1 Shot: $4.49
  • 3-Pack: $11.99
  • 12-Pack: $39.99

What did we think of tribe CBD Sleep Shots?

Much like Tribe’s Energy Shots, we took their Sleep Shots at the perfect time…at the end of our road trip when we desperately needed sleep but were so wound up from the road found ourselves tossing and turning when we should’ve been drifting off peacefully. 

The combination of herbs used in Tribe CBD Sleep Shots worked perfectly. 

We’re no strangers to the herbs used in this sleep blend. While melatonin doesn’t seem to work for us like it does for others, we’ve been taking valerian root and skullcap for years. 

Combined with the CBD, this sleep shot truly felt like a magic remedy to get the sleep we needed. 


Tribe CBD Assistance Programs

While Tribe CBD does offer CBD products that are generally less expensive than the competition, they still offer assistance programs to those in need. 

Tribe wants everyone to have the ability to use a quality CBD product and offers a 30% discount to those who need it most. 

Veterans, individuals on long-term disability, and those in low-income households are all eligible for this discount, one of the most generous we’ve seen from companies that have some type of assistance program. 

If you believe you might qualify for the Tribe CBD Assistance Program, click here for more information.

Final Thoughts About Tribe CBD

While we didn’t get to try all of the products Tribe offers, we were wild about what we did. 

For us, the energy and sleep shots worked exactly as they were intended. 

If what we tried is any indication of Tribe’s tinctures and CBD cream, they’re sure to be a product you can believe in.  

For a company as transparent as Tribe, we believe that if you’re looking for a high-quality CBD product you can trust, this is definitely one to check out. 

We like that they offer a discount when you purchase their products monthly and do believe that their price point is a bit less expensive than many other brands. 

They’ve also got a wholesale option for anyone interested in carrying Tribe products at their retail location. 

Will we use Tribe CBD again? Absolutely. While not huge fans of energy shots like some people are, you can bet we’ll be back for more the next time we know we’ll need one. 

use code for 30% OFF: CBDSCHOOL30 

Tribe CBD Products

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