PlusCBD Oil REVIEW [20% Discount code]

PlusCBD™ is one of the biggest names in CBD.


It’s sold extensively throughout the US…so much so that it’s become almost a household name brand of hemp-derived CBD products.

What makes PlusCBD™ different from the competition?

Let’s take a look.

PlusCBD™: A Commitment to Quality

PlusCBD™ is a brand under the company CV Science Inc. that operates two distinct business segments. 

One is a drug development division with a focus on developing and marketing synthetic CBD oil products. The other is PlusCBD™, which manufactures, markets, and sells hemp plant-based CBD oil products to an extensive consumer market.

Needless to say, the highly professional team behind PlusCBD™ Oil is committed to creating quality products. Just as one would expect from one of the biggest names in the industry.

PlusCBD™ asks potential CBD consumers to ask themselves the following five questions before purchasing CBD products:

  1. Is the company transparent, ensuring full traceability From Seed to Shelf™?
  2. Does the company test each batch for cannabinoid potency in their own lab?
  3. Does the company send their products to an independent third-party testing to verify cannabinoid potency?
  4. Do the test results meet the label claim? Providing accurate MG of CBD per serving?
  5. Is the company committed to education, never oversimplifying the science?

PlusCBD™ can answer “Yes” to every single one of these questions. And they’ve got everything easily on their website available to prove it. 

>>> Want to learn even more about PlusCBD™ Oil’s commitment to education and providing the best CBD oil experience? 

Listen below to our podcast episode with PlusCBD™ Oil Educator, Maggie Frank…

Quality Certification

CV Sciences was recently named one of the first US Hemp Authority Certified Manufacturers.

What does this mean, exactly?

The US Hemp Authority was established in 2018 to educate hemp farmers and hemp producers about FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to safeguard consistent quality.  

The certification program is managed by industry-leading professionals from some of the top agricultural and food companies.

For a company to carry this certification, it means they’re highly dedicated to producing quality products. And when it comes to CBD oil, quality is paramount

The certification that CV Sciences has means that the entire manufacturing system from seed to shelf is meticulously managed every step of the way.

In a January 2019 press release, co-founder, President, and Chief Operating Executive at CV Sciences, Michael J Mona III, had the following to say about the certification they now carry:

“Consumer interest and demand for industrial hemp products is growing rapidly and we believe consumers are entitled to full transparency with respect to product quality, safety, and consistency. By completing the US Hemp Authority’s rigorous certification process, consumers can continue to trust in CV Sciences’ commitment to the highest operating and production standards. This landmark certification provides additional assurance to our customers that we are focused on continuous improvement, customer trust, and satisfaction.”

Transparency/Third-Party Lab Results

Take a Deeper Dive Into Why Third-Party Lab Testing is Important

Transparency is key in the world of hemp CBD oil. 

If a company can’t stand up to what they claim by proving that their products really are what they say they are…it’s always wise to take your business elsewhere.

With PlusCBD™, you can be assured that you’re getting the quality you deserve. Lab tests are readily available on their website. 

Just click on the QR Code and you’ve got all the information you need concerning any specific CBD products they carry. 

You’ll find Certificates of Analysis for each batch of CBD oil products used to make various Plus CBD Oil products that include:

With PlusCBD™ Oil, it’s easy to see what’s in every CBD product…every time.

We can see why they’re one of the most popular names in the CBD industry.

What about Plus CBD oil products themselves?

Are they really everything they claim to be?

Here’s our take on what we tried.

PlusCBD™ Oil Product Review

When it comes to their product packaging design, PlusCBD™ is on point. Having recently redesigned their branding, the brands packaging is clean, eye catching and adds a level of trust. We know that branding has nothing to do with how a product will perform, however, we truly appreciate a good design when we see one.

The packaging is of simple design that appears as if it would be a high-quality product. 

Not over the top, but definitely something that caught our eye. 

In a world of stiff competition, package appeal is something that’s got to stick out with CBD products.

What it really comes down to, however, is the product contained in the package. What did we think?

Let’s take a look.

PlusCBD™ CBD Oils

pluscbd cbd oils

Having updated their CBD oil offerings to include not just the traditional droppers, but also a very handy CBD oil spray that we found to be uber useful

Not only is there a peppermint flavor to accompany the unflavored version, but each spray is measured out. If you’re using the smaller 100 mg, 1 oz bottle (only comes in peppermint flavor) then 8 sprays will equal 5 mg of full spectrum CBD.

They also offer a 500 mg, 1.86 oz bottle (comes in both unflavored and peppermint flavor) which 3 sprays will dose out 5 mg of full spectrum CBD. We fully agree with this customer review that the taste was not our favorite, but the way it made us feel was superior to many, many other CBD brands out there on the market. 

pluscbd cbd oil customer review

One of PlusCBD™ original product offerings that is still their most popular products is their CBD oil. 

The original formula which is 500 mg of CBD oil in the larger 1.86 oz bottles comes unsweetened, which is the oil that we tried.

The drops themselves were thicker than any traditional tincture we’ve tried. 

We wouldn’t say that the hemp CBD oil was “unflavored.” 

More sweet and earthy. 

We didn’t mind it at all, as we typically prefer a more natural taste than a CBD oil that’s artificially flavored. 

We can see how it would blend perfectly into juice or a smoothie, but also wouldn’t mind taking it again in just by itself.

Two other strengths are offered, Extra Strength Formula, which comes in a 250 mg CBD oil in a 1 oz bottle and 750 mg in a 1.86 oz bottle. Two flavors, unflavored, and peppermint are your options. 

Their Maximum Strength Formula also comes in unflavored or peppermint, but this is only offered in 1500 mg and 1.86 oz bottles.

The new PlusCBD products we are really excited to try is their new Reserve CBDxTHC blend. Available in Dark Chocolate Mint and Lemon Ginger flavors, these look awesome!

Both flavors come in a 1 oz bottle that has 750 mg CBD and 75 mg THC, along with a 1 oz bottle containing 1500 mg CBD and 75 mg THC. The Dark Chocolate Mint flavor also comes in a 1.84 oz bottle containing 3000 mg CBD rich oil and 150 mg THC. 

pluscbd CBD oil pet customer review

The final CBD oil product is for pets. There’s a beef, chicken, peanut butter, salmon and unflavored version.  

As with all of their CBD oils, these use extra virgin olive oil as the carrier oil. They’re gluten free, vegan and safely CO2 extracted.

Because this CBD oil also comes with a pump top it offers you an additional way to get the oil into your pet. Some pets don’t enjoy the smell of CBD so the sprayer comes in handy to get it directly in your pets mouth.

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PlusCBD™ CBD Softgel Capsules

How Much CBD Should I Take

We love the convenience hemp CBD capsules offer. 

They’re a familiar way to get your daily serving of CBD, as they can be taken just like a regular supplement. 

PlusCBD™ Oil Softgels Capsules are made with a simple 4 ingredient formulation of CBD-rich hemp  extract; extra virgin olive oil, corn starch, carrageenan and sorbitol in a vegetarian capsule. Nothing more, nothing less.

The full spectrum hemp that they use in their capsules is the same that’s used in all PlusCBD oil products.

purecbd capsules customer review

We tried the Extra Strength Formula that contains 15mg CBD per serving size.

The CBD capsules bottle was double sealed for protection, and we appreciated the small size of the capsules, as swallowing a pill too large is never a good time.

The CBD oil capsules also come in original formula which contains 10 mg CBD oil per serving, and a maximum strength formula that delivers 50 mg CBD rich oil per serving.

There’s also a Raw formula that provides 5 mg CBD oil per serving. Depending on how much CBD you take there is a CBD oil capsule for you.

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PlusCBD™ CBD Topicals

pluscbd cbd topicals collection

Carrying a CBD topical is CBD industry standard at this point. 

Topicals are amazing for a number of reasons, including providing quick, localized relief to muscles pain, relieving dry skin, and chronic pain. 

PlusCBD™ Topicals come in a few carrier options: creams, stick, roll on, and a CBD oil balms.   

The CBD balm 100 mg extra strength formula went on smoothly when rubbed into my sore shoulders…and relief was 100% noticed (and appreciated).

While balms tend to be one of the thickest options as far as topical is concerned, this CBD balm wasn’t overly thick or terribly greasy. 

It has a slight earthy scent, but nothing that is totally overpowering. My entire well being shifted after using the balm which is exactly what I was hoping for.

Similar to all other of their CBD oil products, the entire topicals line uses full spectrum  CBD oil in their formulations.

My favorite CBD oil topicals tend to be roll ons. The way they’re able to quickly treat localized pain, to me, is like no other CBD topical. Lucky for me Plus CBD’s 200 mg extra strength formula did not disappoint.

pluscbd roll on customer review

Fragrance free without any dyes or sulfates this cooling menthol delivered relief just when I needed it.  

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PlusCBD™ CBD Gummies

pluscbd cbd gummies collection

Per our usual we save our favorite CBD product for last in our reviews. While very CBD company has got to have a gummy, we LOVE the option PlusCBD™ Oil offers.

pluscbd cbd gummies customer review 

We tried the new Reserve CBDxTHC option in sour watermelon. As with all other Plus CBD oil products the brand uses full spectrum CBD, and to top that each piece has 2.5 mg THC to go along with the 25 mg CBD.

What makes their gummies stand out to us, in particular?

For one, they’re soft, chewy, and taste amazing without a completely overpowering, odd flavor.  

We were pleased overall with both the appearance of the gummies and the taste they contained.

For another, PlusCBD™ Oil Hemp Gummies are made to be gluten free, vegan, soy free, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and they try to use as many organic ingredients as possible. 


What exactly is in them? 

They contain organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, purified water, organic seaweed extract, citric acid, trisodium citrate, natural flavors, and carmine for color. 

What’s more, they’re not coated in sugar crystals. 

While the ones I tried had 25 mg CBD in them, the extra strength formula has 10 mg CBD so be mindful of that.  

They make the perfect take-along supplement for sweet relief on-the-go.

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Final Thoughts

We truly believe that PlusCBD™ Oil is offering a quality CBD product you can believe in. Were we blown away? 

Not necessarily, but we were happy with what we tried. 

And we’re going to be sure to order more of those gummies just as soon as we run out.

We can’t speak for any of the other flavors they offer in their drops (aside from the “unflavored” we tried there is also an option for peppermint and goji blueberry).

Customer reviews of their CBD Oil Hemp Drop date back as far as 2017 and are five-star positive across the board. 

One customer even called it “the greatest thing ever.”

We’re impressed with the PlusCBD™ Oil website, which is full of information about CBD, as well as all the test results you could ever ask for when it comes to the transparency of their products.

There’s also an option for buying their CBD products in bundles. Buy 4, Get 1 Free.

We can honestly recommend PlusCBD™ Oil to anyone interested in obtaining a high-quality product with the certification to prove it. 

With PlusCBD™ Oil you know what you’re getting is real.

Have you tried PlusCBD™ Oil yourself? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.