Will CBD Get Me High?

Whether you’ve used marijuana or not, we all know that its primary purpose has been to get people high. Its unmistakable effects are all over the media, and chances are...

CBD Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil

Odds are that you’ve experienced the following scenario. You go to the store to buy 2% milk, but in your rushed state, you accidentally get skim. By the time you arrive...

10 Interesting Facts About CBD

By now, we’re well aware of the research that’s gone into CBD, both as a medical product from marijuana and as a supplement from hemp. In fact, there are lots of...

What Is A Runner’s High?

Did you know that the system responsible for processing cannabinoids (the endocannabinoid system) was discovered by athletes doing a bunch of cardio? Actually not...

Is CBD Hemp Oil Safe?

Is CBD Hemp Oil Safe? Does CBD Oil Have Any Side Effects? Whether conventional or complementary, all medications can create side effects, and CBD oil is no exception...



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