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Anyone from Southern California or keen on the cool culture it contains is bound to appreciate OC Pharm CBDIt’s no secret that the CBD market is saturated with new companies coming out of the woodwork practically every single day…and to make it in such a competitive marketplace, emerging CBD companies have got to stand out.

OC Pharm has that down.

Not only do they boldly stand out from other CBD companies we’ve seen, but they’re doing things a little bit differently. 

And we’ve got to admit — it’s a refreshing change from the CBD standards we’ve come to expect.

What makes OC Pharm so different than everyone else?

Let’s take a look.

All About OC Pharm CBD


By now, pretty much everyone in the world is aware of just how beneficial CBD can be.

OC Pharm doesn’t claim that CBD “saved their lives” or any of the other claims countless CBD companies make when you visit their webpage.

Instead, their vision is simple.

OC Pharm was created to deliver a “cleaner, more pure, and potent medicine for the discerning patient at a competitive price.”

Basically, they want their CBD products to be “healthier, stronger, and less expensive.”

They’ve teamed up with industry leaders and award-winning chemists to create a line of CBD products that’s truly different than anything we’ve yet seen.

What makes OC Pharm so much different from the rest?

For one, their product line is different than others we’ve experienced in the past. Sure, they have your standard CBD tincture, but they’ve taken things a few steps further.

Check it out.

OC Pharm CBD Products


To us, it seems that OC Pharm is more about the whole vape/dab/smoke culture than it is anything else. Which, for some, is the only way they do cannabis in general.

This isn’t to say they don’t have other products not designed for “inhalation,” but it truly seems to be their target market.

If you’re into the quintessential California cool, where vaping CBD at the beach is how you do cannabidiol, OC Pharm has you covered. They certainly took care of us 🙂

Here’s our take on the products we tried.

CBD Tincture


OC Pharm’s CBD Tincture is simple.

It combines MCT oil with CBD isolate to create a no-frills tincture designed to be taken without smoking.

Tinctures are available in both 500mg ($39.95) and 1000mg ($69.95).

As far as tinctures go, it compared favorably to many others we’ve tried. We tried the 1000mg size. 

The tincture truly had zero taste and was smooth on the palette after holding it under our tongue for about a minute.

The only thing we didn’t like was the fact that it wasn’t clearly stated on the bottle exactly how much CBD was contained in each dropper full (serving size).

We did the math ourselves (which is honestly not our forte) and came to the conclusion that each serving size (one dropper full) should contain 33 mg of CBD.

Disposable CBD Vape Pen

We’re not going to lie. From time to time, we enjoy the benefits of vaping CBD.

Not only is it one of the quickest methods of delivery, but it’s sometimes just a fun way to consume CBD.

OC Pharm’s Disposable Vape Pen ($39.95) didn’t disappoint.

Vape pens come charged and ready to hit right out of the box. We tried the Blue Raspberry flavor and found it to be just that. 

Full of fruity flavor. It hit well, was easy on the lungs, and produced a fair amount of vapor.

OC Pharm’s Disposable Vape Pens are also available in several other flavors with fruity names (think Fruity Pebbles, Watermelon, Sour Skittles, and more), as well as those named after famous marijuana strains (think Kush OG, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookie, and more).

We’re not sure if the vape pens named after these strains have a more natural cannabis taste, but that’s what we’re assuming.

If so, they’d likely be perfect for those that enjoy vaping CBD but aren’t down with fruity flavors.

CBD Candies

Want to take your CBD on the go?

OC Pharm has made it possible with its line of CBD Candies.

They must be ordered in bulk bundles (12x50mg), which will cost you $39.95. For the price, we personally think it’s a pretty good deal.

We tried the Sour Apple flavor…which tasted much like a sour apple Jolly Rancher candy.

50mg of CBD is great for soothing anxious thoughts and overcoming stressful situations, which is why we think OC Pharm’s CBD Candies should be a staple in anyone’s car glove compartment (as long as it doesn’t get too hot as this could damage the cannabinoids!).

Especially if you live somewhere that you’re stuck in traffic on a daily. For those of you that live in SoCal where OC Pharm is based, you know exactly what we mean…

CBD Isolate

OC Pharm is one of the first companies we’ve reviewed that sells a bottle of CBD isolate.

Available in 500mg ($24.95) and 1000mg ($39.95), CBD isolate is an awesome way to get your daily dose of CBD.

OC Pharm recommends sprinkling a dash into your favorite beverage (we added it to our morning green smoothie), adding it to a joint or blunt, or dabbing it straight.

Not familiar with CBD isolate? Click here to learn more about one of the most potent ways to take CBD.


Other OC Pharm Products

On their website, OC Pharm advertises products that we assume aren’t yet available to the public (as of the time of this review). These include:

  • Vape Cartridges
  • Pre-Filled CBD Syringes (designed to “enhance joints, top a bowl, or be consumed orally”)
  • Dablicators (designed with “the convenience of a syringe and the powerful medicating effects of a dab”)

Considering we’re sold on the OC Pharm products we did try, we honestly can’t wait until these are made available.

We’ll be sure to give you our honest feedback just as soon as we get the opportunity to try them.


Summary – OC Pharm CBD Review

We honestly found OC Pharm to be a refreshing change from the CBD norm.

Definitely designed for those who enjoy California cool and prefer vaping, dabbing, and smoking (as well as those that enjoy the effects of THC), OC Pharm has their target audience down.

We can see how this new company could be extremely appealing to the masses.

Cannabis culture, after all, is on fire.

One thing we weren’t wild about was that we couldn’t find any third-party lab results. Is OC Pharm testing for quality and purity? We’d like to hope so. We would like to see test results added to their website.

This slight drawback was almost forgotten, however, when we discovered the “Donate for Kira” page on their website.

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For over a year, OC Pharm has been donating CBD products to this little girl who suffers from intractable epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

We love to see stories of companies giving back to those who need CBD the most, and OC Pharm is doing an awesome job of it.

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