Just Live CBD Review – By Athletes For recovery and performance

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Written by Marion Law

Published March 18, 2021

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With the founders being professional athletes Klay Thompson, Alex Morgan, Travis Pastrana & Paul Rodriguez, you would expect Just Live to focus solely on CBD and sports. While Just Live CBD has products that assist with pre and post-workout, Just Live provides products that can provide relief and support to everyone.

Just Live produces CBD tinctures, CBD-infused gummies, supplements, and topicals. They also offer handy package deals or “kits” which contain a variety of products that complement each other. Their products are made with broad-spectrum CBD oil formulas. Each formula of CBD plus natural herbal supplements is targeted to provide particular benefits such as performance, pain relief, wellness, and sleep. All Just Live products are THC-free. 

Just Live pain creams and “freeze therapy” roll-ons as well as their broad-spectrum CBD tinctures come in various strengths which is very helpful as customers can choose the product strength and price point that works for them. The most potent formulas are just that– some of the most potent CBD products commonly available.

Just Live Quality

According to the Just Live website the company has partnered with a reputable and reliable US-based CBD supplier. It doesn’t say what company that is, but that’s understandable to not want to give away your sources. 

“We’ve done our due diligence and have gone above and beyond to ensure that all ingredients and processing practices meet the same standard of excellence that our world-class athletes like Alex Morgan and Klay Thompson hold themselves to every day in and out of competition,” claims the website.

According to the website, the hemp used to produce Just Live products is grown using organic farming practices to avoid the use of harmful pesticides. 

The website doesn’t specify the extraction method used to produce their CBD-rich hemp extract. It does say that their CBD is decarboxylated (converted from CBDA to CBD) during extraction: “When the hemp is ready, modern extraction techniques convert the plants into the active form of CBD.” If correct, then this implies that they use an extraction process that involves heat. However, I suspect that the extraction is cold CO2 and the decarb takes place during a distillation phase. 

For some of Just Live’s products, the extract is further refined to provide specific benefits. It also says their products are THC-free and third-party tested.

Just Live CBD Product Reviews

Just Live Vegan CBD Soft Gels

Just Live vegan soft gels are ideal for customers who do not want the terpenes contained in a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum product. And there are plenty of good reasons to prefer a product made with CBD isolate. For example, some customers might wish to avoid certain terpenes that can be found in broad-spectrum products. This makes these vegan soft gels perfect for those who just want one well-rounded product that can help them tame stress, relieve inflammation, improve sleep cycles, and increase overall wellbeing.

We didn’t notice any particular taste when trying these CBD soft gels which is good. That being said, the product does contain “natural flavor” which we assume just helps avoid any unpleasant after taste. 

Each vegan soft gel in this 750-milligram bottle contains 25 MG of CBD in an MCT coconut oil and hemp oil base plus Kolliphor HS15, a bioavailability enhancer. This product is THC-free.

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Just Live CBD Tincture

Just Live CBD tincture is a no-nonsense, broad-spectrum product that contains only MCT oil and natural flavor. MCT oil is famous for its ability to help supercharge metabolic processes and provide more energy. And being broad spectrum this product also contains other minor cannabinoids in addition to CBD which undoubtedly enhances wellbeing more than a pure CBD isolate product due to the entourage effect

The 3,000-milligram tincture provides about 100 milligrams of CBD per dropper. That’s actually quite potent. Many products fall in the 10- to 25-milligram per dose range. Some users might prefer smaller doses or a less potent product. It also comes in 300-, 750-, and 1,500-milligram formulas. 

We tried the full recommended serving size sublingually. The super-high potency of this 3,000-milligram product was almost immediately apparent as the product quickly increased wakefulness and induced a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Frankly, it’s rare that we try a CBD product (aside from inhaled products) that has such a fast onset time.

We tried the mint flavor which was very tolerable for a broad-spectrum formula. It also comes in a natural flavor.

just live cbd tincture

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Just Live CBD Pain Relief Cream

Just Live CBD-infused pain relief cream is formulated for chronic pain or post-workout applications to help reduce inflammation and speed up recovery. 

The product is THC-Free and contains broad-spectrum CBD oil plus a blend of botanicals commonly used to relieve joint and muscle pain including arnica, menthol, camphor, and argon. Some of the other herbal ingredients include shea butter (great for the skin), bixa orellana leaf extract, jacaranda mimosifolia flower extract, kalanchoe pinnata leaf extract, argania spinosa kernel oil, arnica Montana flower extract, calophyllum tacamahaca seed oil, orbignya oleifera seed oil, astrocaryum murumuru seed butter, gardenia taitensis flower extract, and theobroma grandiflorum seed butter. That’s a pretty impressive list of botanicals that shows a lot of thought went into formulating this product for maximum efficacy.

The product we tried contained 750 milligrams of CBD in a 50-milliliter pump bottle for about $70. The product also comes in 300- ($30) and 1,500-milligram ($99) sizes. This 750-milligram bottle holds about 140 2.1 milligram applications. We assume that means 2.1 milligrams per pump with 140 pumps-worth in the bottle. Most customers will likely use more than that in one application if they’re treating more than one area — such as arms, neck, and back — in one session. 

The product went on smoothly without feeling greasy. We could feel the tingling effect of the arnica, camphor, and menthol almost immediately. And the effects went on for some time. 

The scent is not unpleasant but smells pretty like what you’d imagine a product with these great pain-relieving ingredients would smell like but without being at all overpowering. Make sure you wash your hands after application to avoid inadvertently getting this product in your eyes or on your face.

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Just Live CBD Roll-On Freeze

Like the topical cream, Just Live Roll-on Freeze is formulated for pain and stiffness. Also, like their topical cream, this product contains menthol and arnica. It also contains aloe. The 90-milliliter roll-on bottle comes in 300-, 750-, and 1,500-milligram sizes. We tried the 750 which is rated at 12 to  60 milligrams per dose depending on how much you apply. Again, 60 milligrams is a lot, so if you use this or the more potent 1,500-milligram size you might want to start with a smaller application and work your way up.

Unlike Just Live topical cream, this product offers extremely fast absorption as it is alcohol-based. The downside is that it has a bit of an isopropyl alcohol smell when first applied, but it fades quickly. The upside is that, in addition to applying directly to sore joints and muscles, you can apply this roll-on on the inside of the arm directly on top of venous areas producing a fast systemic effect. 

just live cbd freeze

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Final Thoughts on Just Live CBD Products

Overall we’re impressed with these products and the company. We tried the topical product, the roll-on, the tincture, and the gel caps. We didn’t try the CBD gummies but we assume they offer the same high quality and potency as the CBD products reviewed here. The packaging of the products looks sharp and appears to be of high quality. All products are 100 percent THC-free. 

We found the website easy to navigate. Products can be browsed by type of product or by benefits which is helpful. So if you’re specifically looking for a tincture or other specific product type, or if you’re specifically looking for a pre- or post-workout product, wellness product, or sleep enhancer you can get to those product lines quickly without having to scroll through all of the products. 

The site also contains some useful information such as how CBD works, some great infographics, and explanations of the various types of products such as CBD isolates vs. broad-spectrum CBD products.

Just Live offers a no-questions-asked return policy. if a first-time customer is not happy with the product it can be returned for a full refund (excluding shipping cost) within 30 days of delivery. Also, any product that is unused/unopened can be returned within 30 days.

Just live offers a 20 percent discount to military, first-responders (police, fire, EMT), healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, and other medical staff), teachers, students, seniors, union members, low income and unemployed, real estate professionals and others. They also offer discounts for nonprofits and government agencies. Customers can find more information and apply for these discounts here.

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