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Is CBD Legal in 2017?

Get the facts straight from my interview with cannabis lawyer Rod Kight.


0:13 – Introduction
2:00 – Is CBD legal?
6:00 – Is shipping across state lines legal?
7:07 – States cannot interfere with transportation or sale of CBD hemp products.
7:34 – States laws on hemp.
8:23 – CBD is not listed as a Schedule 1 substance in the controlled substances list.
10:41 – Legal information for buyers and sellers of CBD products.
15:15 – The DEA’s hands are tied even if they are right that CBD is a schedule 1 substance.
18:18 – Hemp flowers vs hemp stalks and seeds.
22:45 – The elephant in the room: individual state laws on hemp.
24:24 – If you live in a state that gets a lot of federal funding, you are safe from anti-CBD laws based on Congress’s declaration that no federal funding could be used to interfere with commerce of hemp products.
26:53 – The law on CBD is still a bit of a gray area.
28:54 – The safest way to be a CBD distributor.
29:20 – What if you are a CBD consumer?
30:40 – How to limit your liability as a CBD distributor.
32:00 – You need to know the laws in your state if you plan to be a brick and mortar CBD retailer.

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