How to Make Natural Vape Juice at Home without Nicotine

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Written by Jen Keehn

Updated August 27, 2021

Dr. El-Hajj

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Sandra El-Hajj

Are you looking for different ways to vape natural e-juice at home, without any nicotine?

For the past centuries, nicotine has been exposed as a harmful, and even toxic, chemical found in all smoking products that can increase your risk for respiratory diseases, cancers, heart problems and many others. Nicotine is also linked to higher risks for stroke. Harvard links it to brain aneurysms1.

Several studies link nicotine to neurobehavioral defects, diabetes and infertility2.

There are more than 250 chemicals in a cigarette with more than 69 of them causing cancer3. No wonder why the public attention is trying to redirect the attention of smokers to vaping. While studies find vaping a much safer alternative to smoking cigarettes and cigars, they do agree that the vaping liquid does contain at least one harmful ingredient. So, despite being an e-smoking device, vaping can also cause harm to the body as it may still contain dangerous chemicals and irritate the pulmonary airways.

But, what about a vaping liquid that is natural and does not contain nicotine? How much healthier would it be to have a vaping liquid that has no nicotine in it for someone who is normally a smoker and does not want to quit? That would be the optimal dream for any smoker.

In this article, we are giving you an amazing vape juice recipe that you can make at home and enjoy vaping without having to add any amount of nicotine.

Vaping has become popular worldwide, mainly because it's thought to be a less addictive alternative to tobacco smoking and slightly healthier than smoking CBD cigarette pre-rolls. The FDA is still circulating around this subject as even regular vaping juices may have some harmful chemicals in them like diacetyl and benzaldehyde. When subject to heat, the many ingredients of the vaping liquid lead to the formation of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals4

But, comparing vaping with cigarettes surely puts the first alternative in a relatively healthier classification.

One of the other major reasons people are transitioning to vaping is that it offers a vast number of flavors to vapers, making it more attractive and fun.  

A recent study even goes on to tell that majority of the vapers do actually like to vape non-tobacco flavors as they are super interesting and appealing5

In the United States, more and more smokers are quitting smoking and turning to vaping as they perceive it as a healthier alternative.

When you are a professional-level vaper, odds are that you have already tried most flavors of e-juice on the market and are looking for more creative and new flavors you can get your hands on. How about going natural all way for a change?

Another reason why you might be thinking of making a DIY vape juice is that e-liquids available on the market mostly have nicotine in them. 

It’s not news anymore that extensive use of nicotine can harm your health6. While regular cigarettes do contain an enormous amount of toxic chemicals, vaping liquids despite their nicotine content are relatively healthier and not to be compared.

CBD oil vaping is another option vapers can enjoy and you can learn more about it in our CBD Vape Oil Effects article.

Tobacco cigarettes contain a cancer-causing agent called tar, which is exactly why people who smoke regularly or are chain smokers tend to have a number of serious health problems related to the lungs.

E-liquids do not contain tar or any such harmful component. The majority of e-liquids are made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine. 

The amount of nicotine that can be found in an average e-liquid is not detrimental for health, but if you use high doses of nicotine in your vape juice or do chain vaping, you might start to feel dizzy or get headaches because of excessive supply of nicotine to the body.

Vapers who consider themselves to be health-conscious and believe they are not addicted to nicotine or do not want to get addicted to it will want to reduce their nicotine intake to the minimum and still enjoy vaping.

For all such vapers, making your own e-juice at home without adding nicotine is a perfect solution.

It is a win-win situation; you get to vape without worrying about nicotine.

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Making Vape Juice at Home

DIY Vape Juice

Although a lot of vapers believe that making an e-juice at home is impossible, they are mistaken!

The truth is that you can make your own vape juice at home and have the flavor that you desire. 

Any exotic flavors that you could never find in the vape market, now you can add it to your e-juice, while keeping it nicotine free. How cool is that, right?

You don't need to have access to a fancy lab or have the training of a pharmacist, who understands their chemicals to make your own e-juice at home. 

In reality, creating your own concoction is more simple than you'd ever imagine. If you're a newbie just getting started and are trying to create your own flavor for the first time, we’d recommend that you follow this recipe completely. 

Once you have access to this recipe and have the confidence that you can make your own natural e-juice at home, you can begin being creative with as many variations as you want.

One of the advantages of making e-juice at home is that the DIY method is a cost-effective solution, when compared to the option of buying any e-juice from a store. 

By purchasing merely three ingredients (all of which are pretty cheap in price), you can make an excellent batch of vape juice that will last longer than a 50ml bottle of e-juice.

If you're a “professional vaper”, you’re well-aware of how expensive it can be to purchase your favorite e-juice, especially from world-renowned vape brands. 

Fortunately, we are giving you an easy solution where you can still enjoy the vaping that you do want to keep, get rid of some of the vaping side effects on your body, and e-smoke your own e-juice without nicotine.

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Let’s get started

Ingredients for DIY Vape Juice

When you want to make an e-juice at home, you merely need three ingredients to do so. VG, PG, and a flavor of your choice.

The very purpose of making a vape juice is so that you can add a flavor you love to vape. The possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to choosing a vape juice flavor.

Get creative, you can do anything from selecting your favorite fruit flavor to mixing up different flavors into one. You can also use an ice cream flavor, cake, cookie dough, or any other taste you desire.

What are VG and PG?

VG stands for vegetable glycerin and PG stands for propylene glycol. They are the most widely used bases in the e-liquid industry.

Propylene glycol is the most commonly used base for e-liquids in vaping. It is runny, compared to VG, and can create a mess if you are not careful with it. Its consistency is thinner than vegetable glycerin, which makes it easier to be cleaned.

The best thing about PG is the throat effect it delivers to vapers, being a humectant; keeping everything moist. It does not have a flavor of its own and therefore has no impact on the e-liquid flavor.

Compared to VG, propylene glycol is less vicious. As a result, it helps vapers in having a better throat hit.

Vegetable glycerin, on the other hand, offers denser clouds to vapers. Vegetable glycerin is a sweet and thick e-liquid base. Having a distinctive taste of its own, it impacts the overall flavor of the e-liquid slightly. Because of its thickness, it gets stuck to the sides of the coil and tank, making it difficult to clean.

With the liquid being thick, it creates thick vape clouds – perfect for people who like to compete in vape competitions or just admire the aesthetics of thick vape clouds.

Mixing of PG and VG

Making Vape Juice

Typically, because of their different characteristics, PG and VG are used in combination.

The ratio mostly is 50/50 but some vapers prefer to have the ratio of 70/30 (VG/PG). This proportion depends on every person's personal preferences!

If you want to have a throat hit, having PG in larger amounts will deliver that; but, if your aim is to make impressive vape clouds, having VG in a greater amount will give you that.

When you use an equal proportion of both VG and PG, you can get a good e-juice.

The ratio of VG/PG can be calculated easily by using vape calculators. While a 50/50 ratio should work well for most, a 70/30 (VG/PG) ratio is for seasoned vapers.

If you are a beginner level vaper, it is not advisable to try the 70/30 ratio.

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Recipe of Homemade E-Juice without Nicotine

What you also need for making vape juice at home are dropper cap bottles. They are required so that you can measure the e-juice and store them for later use. 
Making e-juice is safe and none of the ingredients can pose any kind of danger to you while making the juice.You don’t need to put on some goggles or wear gloves to keep your hands safe. Safety measures are only required when nicotine is being added to vape juice. But, you don’t need to worry about that! Once you have measured the PG and VG liquids and you are happy with the ratio, shake it well for approximately a minute. Once the liquids are mixed well, add the flavors you want, only one drop at a time. Try to take your time when adding the flavors:, do not pour them.

As some flavors are strong, even a meager amount of flavor is enough in the vape juice.

Once you have mixed the flavor in your vape juice, it is good and ready to be vaped right-away.

Vape Juice Storage

Vape Juice On Storage
Rationally, you won’t be using all the e-juice at once. So, you will need to place the extra vape juice in sealed bottles. If you are using different flavors for your vape juice, do not forget to label the bottles accordingly. You don’t want to vape chocolate flavor e-liquid thinking it was cinnamon flavor, right? Store these bottles in a cold and dark space. Direct sunlight should not touch them as it can ruin their flavor.


When you are trying it for the first time at home, mistakes are bound to happen. You might not get the flavor you were aiming for or get the right consistency from the first time. But, that is ok. With practice, you will eventually get the right liquid. We hope that we were able to help you make the right e-juice at home without even a hint of nicotine. Here's a handy list of the items you need and where to find them on Amazon (yes, we earn a tiny commission when you buy after clicking our links so thanks for your support!) Propylene Glycol Vegetable Glycerin Glass Dropper Bottles Plastic Dropper Bottles

Your Results

Did you try making a vape juice at home without nicotine? Let us know about your experience. Maybe share a flavor with fellow readers to give others some ideas!


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Note from CBD School: Due to the impact of the corona virus, we encourage those who vape to reconsider their decisions. Vaping has shown to be an aggravating factor for people who are infected with the virus. Read more here. When in doubt — do not put it in your lungs!

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