Healist CBD: Committed to Natural Healing

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CBD companies are a dime a dozen these days.

Healist CBD feels somehow different. We’re excited to introduce this new CBD company with a passion for healing the body and mind the way nature intended. 

The purpose of Healist CBD is simple. They exist to help cultivate your body’s innate capacity to heal so that you can reclaim your 100%, naturally.

Healist CBD: CBD Products Made The Way Nature Intended

Healist understands that carrying a quality product is paramount to upholding the principles their business is based on. All their CBD products begin as organically grown hemp cultivated in the US. This means hemp grown the way nature intended. Just plenty of sunshine and water, without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. 

CO2 extraction methods are employed to ensure they are offering the purest CBD oil available. CO2 extraction is considered superior because it requires minimal processing yet preserves other beneficial cannabis compounds such as other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. 

Healist takes the extraction process one step further by removing all detectable traces of THC. The result is a broad spectrum CBD oil tincture that contains all the other beneficial compounds minus the THC. It’s a great option for those interested in benefits associated with the entourage effect that don’t want a product that contains THC. 

Knowing that total transparency is everything in today’s CBD market, Healist triple lab tests their CBD oil. What exactly is “triple” lab testing? First, Healist confirms the lab results of the raw material they receive. Next, every batch of CBD oil is tested for purity, potency, and consistency before it is used to formulate their products. Lastly, every finished product is tested once again. Lab test results are available on each product page. 

Healist CBD Products

healist cbd products

Healist offers its various CBD products based on the benefit they provide. Consumers can choose between four different benefit options: 

  • Calm
  • Sleep
  • Relief
  • Well-being

Healist offers the following CBD products: 

Drops/Tinctures - $69.99 (600mg/20mg per serving) $119.99 (1200mg/40mg per serving) 

Healist offers four different tinctures in two different strengths (600mg and 1200mg), each formulated differently with each benefit in mind. 

  • Calm Drops contain a custom calming terpene blend and orange essential oil. 
  • Sleep Drops contain a custom sleep terpene blend and lavender, chamomile, and lemon balm essential oils. 
  • Relief Drops contain a custom relief terpene blend, as well as turmeric and ginger oil. 
  • Wellbeing Drops contain a custom wellbeing terpene blend.
healist calm tincture

We tried both Calm Drops and Sleep Drops from Healist. 

What did we think? 

We’ve tried a lot of CBD products over the years. Some live up to their claims, while others fall short of what they promise. Healist falls in the category of the former. We’re really pleased with both CBD tinctures we tried. 

Each was a soft, golden amber indicative of the high-quality, pure CBD oil Healist promises. 

Calm comes in a lovely citrus flavor that tastes almost creamy. Sleep’s peppermint flavor was soft and not overwhelming in the slightest. 

Both worked well in their own unique way. 

Calm seemed to quickly take the edge off, enveloping us in a state true to its name. 

We’re not sure if Sleep was responsible for the peaceful night’s rest we received the night we took it but do know we slept solid the entire night through. We also appreciate a sleep CBD tincture made without melatonin, as we know melatonin doesn’t work for everyone. 

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Gummies - $84.99 (460mg/20mg per serving) 

Healist Chews are their gummies, available for in both Calm and Sleep options. Ingredients for each are specific to the unique benefits they support. Both options contain 20mg CBD per gummy. 

healist cbd gummies

Calm Chews are berry flavored and contain a blend of ashwagandha (stress relief), L-theanine (promotes calm), and a unique terpene blend chosen for its relaxing and calming properties. 

Personally, we love gummies and can’t say enough good things about these Calm Chews from Healist. They have a distinct strawberry flavor and worked exactly as they’re intended to. With 20mg CBD per chew and 46 chew per bottle, we also think they’re a great buy for their price. 

We didn’t try Healist Sleep Chews, but like Calm Chews they contain a blend of other unique ingredients that helps support their benefits. Sleep Chews are orange flavored and contain a custom terpene sleep blend, valerian root (naturally supports sleep and anxiety), and L-theanine, chamomile, and ashwagandha.

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Topicals - $39.99 & $54.99

Healist CBD offers four different topical options to meet the varying needs of each unique individual. Topical products include: 

  • Body Relief Lotion (150mg CBD/$39.99)
  • Extra Strength Body Relief Lotion (300mg CBD/$54.99)
  • Joint Relief Balm (150mg CBD/$39.99)
  • Sport Relief Roll-On Gel (150mg CBD/$39.99)

While we didn’t try them and can’t give you our honest feedback, formulas for every product are natural, vegan and formulated to the highest standards of clean, meaning they haven’t included 80+ potentially harmful chemicals found in many other topical products.

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Patches - $39.99 (40mg/10mg per patch)

CBD patches are often used for rapid, localized relief that lasts. Healist offers two different benefit options: Calm Infused Patch and Relief Infused Patch. Each patch is said to provide up to 24 hours of relief.

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Final Thoughts About Healist CBD

We love it when a new company comes out we feel we can stand behind. Healist CBD is one of them. From the total transparency they provide and quality products they provide, to their gorgeous, easy-to-navigate website full of all the information consumers might need to make an educated buying decision, Healist has started out in the CBD industry on the right foot. 

We’re pleased with the products we tried and appreciate their eye-appealing packaging. Most of all, we’re pleased with their commitment to providing an all-natural product and everything they need to back up their claims. Third party test results are easy to find on every product page, offering consumers the peace of mind they deserve when navigating their way through different options. All orders are also shipped for free. 

Healist also offers a subscription option that allows products to automatically ship every 30, 60, or 90 days. Sign up and you’ll save 20% off each and every order. 

Would we use Healist CBD again? Absolutely. 

Would we recommend Healist CBD to others? You bet!

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