GoGreen Hemp: “Products Made with YOU in Mind” (2021 Review + Coupon!)

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If you’re looking for a one-stop online shop to meet all your CBD needs, GoGreen Hemp is worth looking into. 

With the promise of providing an “exceptional experience,” GoGreen Hemp believes that quality matters but shouldn’t have to come at such a high price. 

How does GoGreen Hemp compare with other CBD companies out there? We found prices on a few of their products to be $10-$20 less expensive than many of the other brands we’ve reviewed

Let’s take a deeper look into this company that offers everything CBD consumers could possibly need.

gogreen hemp: a plethora of products to meet a variety of needs

gogreen hemp products

When we said GoGreen Hemp could be your one-stop-shop for all things CBD, we weren’t kidding. They have been serving customers since 2016 and currently they have over 50 variations of CBD products, below you can find some of the products they offer: 

Hemp Oil Drop Tinctures

GoGreen Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures come in various milligram options and are available in three different options including: Unflavored, Peppermint, and Orange. 

Price: 250mg/$29.99, 500mg/$39.99, 1000mg/$79.99, 2000mg/$149.99

They also have Nano CBD Oil Tinctures that are made with water-soluble CBD to provide what GoGreen Hemp describes as “quicker response times and higher bioavailability.” They are only available in a 250mg, with a price of $39.99.

We tried the Peppermint 500mg option. Taste was on par with other peppermint tinctures we’ve tried. The color was almost clear and when taken sublingually we found it to be smooth on the palette when swallowed. 

Go Green Peppermint

GoGreen Hemp offers four different softgel capsule options. These include: Softgel Capsules with Melatonin (30 capsules with 25mg CBD/$64.99), Softgel Capsules with Curcumin (30 capsules with 25mg CBD/$64.99), Softgel Capsules (30 capsules with 25mg CBD/$59.99 or 10mg CBD/$27.99).


Pet Products

If you’ve got a furry friend at home that could benefit from CBD, GoGreen Hemp has you (and your pet) covered. They offer soft chews for dogs, CBD oil tincture for dogs and cats, CBD horse pellets, and a peppermint CBD horse tincture. Pet products range from $25.99-$59.99. 

According to their website, there will soon be a bacon-flavored tincture for dogs and a salmon-flavored tincture for felines. 

Beauty Products

CBD is known to be beneficial for beautiful skin, which is exactly why GoGreen Hemp has included an array of beauty options in their impressive collection of products. These include three different bath bomb options ($10.99), multiple flavors of lip balm ($5.99), CBD massage oil ($29.99), and a CBD cellulose face mask ($11.99). 

We tried both the vanilla and cherry flavored lip balm and we’re thoroughly impressed. They went on smooth, making our lips feel soft and supple. Loaded with 35mg of CBD we were able to see results relatively quickly.

GoGreen Beauty


As you might expect, GoGreen Hemp offers a variety of topicals formulated to provided targeted relief where you need it most. Topical options include three different salve options ($29.99 for scented salves and $21.99 for an unscented option), a tattoo aftercare balm ($24.99), and a 50mg transdermal patch ($12.99). They also carry a freeze roll on ($23.99). 

We tried the Eucalyptus and Lavender topical salve. It wasn’t too thick and glided easily onto our sore shoulders, where we found it quickly went to work on the tension we carry there from long hours spent on the computer. The scent wasn’t overpowering in the slightest. 

GoGreen Roll-on
GoGreen Salve


If you need a new vape cartridge, GoGreen Hemp has you covered. They offer three different flavors including Pineapple Express, Grand Daddy Purp, and Blueberry OG. Each contain 200mg of CBD for $21.99. They are compatible with any 510 thread battery and are made with real terpenes, unlike other cartridges that simply add in flavoring.

GoGreen Cartridges


Just in case you need to venture from the classic CBD gummy bear, GoGreen Hemp offers three other options as well. 

If you prefer sticking with the bear, you’ll find both regular ($12.99) and sour ($13.99) flavors with 10mg CBD each. 

Other options include 25mg peach rings ($51.99), 10mg fruity chews ($29.99), and 10mg vegan sour drops ($34.99). 

GoGreen Gummies

Wax Crumbles

For those into CBD dabs, GoGreen Hemp offers two options of CBD wax crumble that contain 850mg of CBD for $54.99. 

The only thing GoGreen Hemp seems to be missing is CBD flower. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before they’re offering preroll CBD cigarettes and various flower options. 

GoGreen Wax Crumbles

GoGreen Hemp's Commitment To Quality

GoGreen Oil

GoGreen Hemp knows the importance of being transparent in an industry that’s historically been largely unregulated. CBD consumers deserve quality and to know exactly what’s in any CBD oil they’re putting their trust into.

Cultivation and Extraction 

GoGreen Hemp products are all derived from Colorado-grown hemp “cultivated with care and love” without the use of pesticides or GMOs. They use CO2 extraction techniques with further processing to remove any traces of THC. The result is a broad spectrum CBD oil full of other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. 

Third Party Testing

GoGreen Hemp understands this and uses a “rigorous testing system” that includes both onsite chromatography testing, as well as third-party lab testing. The results are readily available on their website, where you’ll find third-party test results for all of their products. We found it very impressive to find test results by batch and product. It looks as if they test each product about every 40 days or per batch.

GoGreen Hemp Fields


GoGreen Hemp promises that your order will be received within 3-5 business days (often times it comes in two days based on their reviews). Customers are urged to contact Go Green Hemp’s customer service department with any shipping questions that arise. 

They do not offer refunds on products that have been opened but will give you a full refund if your order is returned unopened within 14 days of delivery. 


GoGreen Hemp wants their customers to find relief, regardless of their economic background. This is why they’ve created their Helping Hand Program that offers assistance to those in need. Those who qualify include:

  • Individuals on disability
  • Veterans
  • Low-Income individuals

Click here for more information on how GoGreen Hemp is giving back to those in need.

Final Thoughts On GoGreen Hemp

There are countless CBD companies coming into the rapidlgrowing industry, each doing their own thing to stand out against the droves of competition. GoGreen Hemp is one of the companies that has covered all their bases, not just in terms of product selection but also with their commitment to providing a quality product. 

GoGreen Products are available online and hundreds of different retail locations throughout the US. They offer a wholesale program to any establishment interested in carrying any of their products. 

We found their website easy to navigate and full of all the information anyone new to CBD might need. Their blog also contains useful information for the average CBD consumer. 

Would we recommend Go Green Hemp to others? Absolutely! With an affordable price point and the transparency to let us know they’re carrying a quality product, we don’t see why anyone attracted to their wide range of product options wouldn’t find something to fit their needs. 

use code for 10% OFF: CBDSCHOOL10

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