Mingo Rad Vape Oil Review (Yes, it’s really freakin Rad)

Note from CBD School: Due to the impact of the corona virus, we encourage those who vape to reconsider their decisions.

From our research, vaping has shown to be an aggravating factor for people who are infected with the virus. Read more here.

Furthermore, we consider vaping to be the least harmless way to use CBD products. Vape products can be adulterated. Even if vape products are clean, they can still be irritating to the lungs. We believe vaping poses the highest risk to CBD consumers.

We recommend looking into other ways of using CBD products like tinctures, capsules, and topicals from trusted retailers.

If you are going to vape, please do your homework and make sure you are buying from a trusted brand and you feel comfortable with all of the ingredients you are vaping. We encourage you to triple check everything.

When in doubt — do not put it in your lungs!

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We’re big fans of vaping CBD.

So, when cbdMD came out with Mingo Rad, an entire line of CBD vape oils, we couldn’t wait to give it a try.

The mission of Mingo Rad?

To provide the purest and highest quality vape products on the market.

Sounds good to us.

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Mingo Rad: A Review 

Before we get into a review of what Mingo Rad refers to as “naturally-good CBD with a funky twist of flavors,” we want to share a little bit about why vaping CBD can be so beneficial.

As we said, we love to vape CBD

And know that we’re not the only ones.

Vaping is one of the most popular methods of CBD delivery. 


Because it offers the fastest effects.

Check it out.


Why Vape CBD?

There are quite a few ways to consume CBD. You’ve got tinctures, capsules, and gummies galore. Then there’s the option of vaping CBD…which is something many people swear by.

This is because vaping CBD allows for almost immediate relief.

It all comes down to bioavailability.

Basically, when you consume CBD only a percentage of what you take actually makes it into the bloodstream. 

This percentage is what bioavailability refers to. 

Different consumption methods contain different bioavailability levels.

When you consume CBD orally (think in the form of a capsule or edible), it must pass through the digestive tract and liver, where much of it is absorbed by the body’s fatty tissues and is then further broken down by the enzymes of the liver before making its way into the bloodstream.

Taking CBD sublingually (a tincture under the tongue) offers a bit more bioavailability than oral consumption. 

Rather than making its way through the digestive tract and liver, it’s absorbed by the mucous membranes under the tongue before making its way to the bloodstream. 

Sublingual application is more rapid than oral consumption, but the effects aren’t exactly immediate.

Anyone interested in immediate relief knows that vaping is the way to go.

Vaping CBD offers the highest bioavailability because it’s absorbed by the lungs, where it then makes its way into the bloodstream.

It’s much like smoking or vaping marijuana. The effects come on almost immediately compared to eating an edible or taking a THC capsule.

One study that looked at the bioavailability of different methods of THC consumption found that the bioavailability of smoking THC was around 18%, while eating a THC cookie had a bioavailability of 6%.

And while CBD won’t get you high like THC, its therapeutic effects are felt much more quickly when it’s vaped (or when smoking CBD flower).

Think about it like this. If you’re someone who suffers from anxiety and you take CBD, would you rather have instant relief or wait around for it to kick in?


We’ll go for almost immediately.

When we talked to Mingo Rad about bioavailability, this is what they had to say:

“Our vape oil is a great choice because it has the highest bioavailability at 40% and gives almost instant relief. The thing with vape effects is that they only last for about 2-3 hours. So, it’s something you need to do more consistently or pair with an oil tincture/capsule for longer relief.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Mingo Rad gets it.

Which is why they offer a whole line of CBD vape oil…that does an amazing job at deviating from the mainstream market.

Check it out.

Mingo Rad CBD Vape Oil

Mingo Rad is very clear about what they stand for. 

According to their website, their “primary purpose is to provide the purest and highest-quality CBD vape products on the market.”

Are they doing what they’ve set out to do?

First of all, Mingo Rad is committed to quality. 

They’ve let their customers know that they’re simply here to help heal with pure CBD vape oil made without any additives, harsh chemicals, or GMOs.

Mingo Rad calls themselves “an eclectic group of enthusiasts” with one common goal. To find a more natural approach to health. 

What do they say about meeting this goal?

“We found our beach,” says Mingo Rad.

Seeing as I’m personally someone who lives 250 steps from the Pacific Ocean, they had me at the beach.

But what about Mingo Rad’s vape oil products themselves? How does the “fresh flavor vibe” they offer to compare with other vape oils we’ve tried?


Mingo Rad Flavor

We love that Mingo Rad is dedicated to providing the most natural vape products they can. There are five different flavors available that include:

Melon H20

Electric Razz

Coco Key Pine

Mocha AF

Sugar Cane

Each flavor is available in three different strengths (300mg/$29.95, 750mg/$69.99, 1500mg/$99.99)

Mingo Rad Ingredients

Each bottle of Mingo Rad CBD vape oil is sourced from non-GMO, organic hemp grown in the USA. What exactly does Mingo Rad add to their vape oil?

Ingredients include CBD, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and natural flavoring.

This is what Mingo Rad had to say about the ingredients they’ve chosen:

“For the vape oils we produce, we have chosen to not use MCT Oil because we believe more research needs to be done on vaping this ingredient to ensure its safety. 

PG and VG are established as “optimized” for vaporization which is not the case for MCT oils, if the oil is vaporized via a vaping atomizer it could potentially cause a condition known as lipid pneumonia.”

What exactly is lipid pneumonia? 

Basically, it’s a form of lung inflammation that develops when lipids enter the bronchial tree. Which isn’t exactly something in line with optimal health, which is why we’re all about CBD in the first place. 

We can respect that Mingo Rad took the precautions and have used ingredients that are considered safe and optimal when it comes to vaping.

Mingo Rad Selection of Strengths

Something else we can appreciate about Mingo Rad is the selection of strengths they provide. 

Not only does it work for every budget, but also offers an option for a variety of different conditions. Just need a little relief? 

Go for a 300mg size. Need some stronger relief? 

You’re covered with 1500mg. More in the middle? The 750mg size is perfect.

The flavors of Mingo Rad are really where it’s at.

When we said they deviated from the mainstream, we weren’t kidding. 

The assortment of flavors Mingo Rad offers isn’t like anything else available on the CBD scene that we’ve seen so far. 

It’s truly a refreshing break from the norm.

What did we think? 

Our Personal Opinion of Mango Rad Vape Oil

While we’ve yet to try all of their flavors (trust us, we can’t wait), we did try the Sugar Cane in 1500mg. 

We easily refilled an empty vape cartridge and once it was fully charged, we gave it a go.

It hit like a dream. 

Wasn’t harsh in the slightest and produced a nice, thick cloud of vapor. 

As far as the taste goes, we’re sold. Sugar cane sweet, but not overbearing. 

Smooth, mild, and natural rather than harsh, heavy, and artificial. We honestly feel that we’ve found a new favorite.

We personally try not to use artificial anything, which is one reason Mingo Rad vape oil appealed to us in the first place. 

That and the fact that it’s made by cbdMD, a company we’ve come to know and trust.  


Final Thoughts

If you’re into vaping CBD, we highly recommend checking out Mingo Rad.

Not only do they offer an assortment of flavors you’re not going to find anywhere else, but Mingo Rad is committed to offering the highest quality CBD vape oil you can find.

We’d love to see some third-party lab results available on the Mingo Rad website, but that’s truly the only drawback we found.

What’s even better is that Mingo Rad offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on every purchase you make, so if you’re not satisfied, you’re not missing out on anything.

One review of the Sugar Cane we tried said the “flavor combo was amazeballs,” and we couldn’t agree with them more.

Have you tried Mingo Rad? 

We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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