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If you’re anything like me and often have trouble falling asleep at night, you will definitely want to pay close attention to this short article.

After reading this, you should know exactly how much CBD hemp oil you should take for sleep. At least, you will know where you should start.

With CBD hemp oil dosing, we always recommend you start low and work your way up until you hit your “sweet spot”.

CBD is what’s known as a “biphasic” compound.

That means that it can have entirely different effects in low and high doses.

Low doses of CBD taken in the morning or throughout the day can have an uplifting and energy increasing effect on some people.

But other CBD users report that they like to use CBD oil for sleep. The sleep doses are usually higher than daytime doses.

People who use CBD hemp oil for sleep have reported that using CBD products a few hours before bedtime promotes a good night’s rest.

But the question is: how much CBD should you take if you want to use CBD oil for sleep?

We generally recommend you figure out your own unique dosing protocol since everyone is different (start with a low dose and work your way up).

This time around, we are referring you over to the Mayo Clinic’s dosing protocol for using CBD oil for sleep.

The Mayo Clinic recommends you take 40 to 160 mgs of CBD by mouth before going to bed.

Again, we always recommend you start low with CBD dosing and work your way up.

So if you want to take CBD oil for sleep, start with a dose of 40 – 60 mgs of CBD and work your way up from there.

Sweet dreams!

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