CBD for Diabetes — Denny’s Story (Part 1)

CBD for Diabetes — What The Medical Professionals Don’t Want YOU to Know (Part 1)

Magic’s Book: Why CBD Oil? What The Medical Professionals Don’t Want You to Know

I was so inspired by how much CBD hemp oil helped with Denny’s type II diabetes that I decided to reach out to him.

I found his email and wrote to him. 

He called me a few days later and we had a long conversation about CBD hemp oil, diabetes, and alternative medicine. 

Denny’s led an interesting life — he worked for Apple computer, built some pretty sophisticated medical technology which is still used today, and designed unique theme park rides.

Denny was very happy to share his whole book for free on CBD School because he is on a mission: he wants to tell anyone who will listen about how well CBD hemp oil worked for him. 

Denny hopes that others like him, no matter how skeptical they may be, will give CBD hemp oil a try.

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CBD oil helped Denny:

– Sleep better

– Lower his blood sugar

– Find pain relief from his diabetic nerve pain

If you are struggling with the nastiness of type II diabetes, please read Denny’s story.

Questions about dosing of CBD oil for diabetes

We know that many of you who read this story are going to want to know exactly how much CBD oil Denny took.

This is what Denny told me: “I began my exploration of the merits of CBD oil by starting with the suggested drops (that were printed on the company’s label) but soon I regulated that routine to what I call ‘a teaspoon-full’ every evening at about 10 PM – 11 PM.  

Later I moved up to a ‘soup-spoon-dose’, and for me (a large frame man)… that seems to be a good solution. 

Then, to augment that dose, I later purchased a refillable cartridge unit for my Vape Pen (from the same company, who had started to offer a smokable CBD OIL-derived from the CO2 process). Make sure that your ‘source company’ is not processing their CBD OIL, with Butane Gas!  That is NOT healthy!”

This is Part I of Denny Magic’s story about using CBD oil for diabetes:


Holding Marijuana

Marijuana. There, I said it. 

Over the course of the past decade, Marijuana (or Cannabis as it should be called) has proven itself, ‘over-and-over-again’ to be (as other, more qualified people than I am, have said) …a “miracle drug”.

Once anyone who is suffering from some malady tries it, they become almost like, religious zealots. 

My own symptoms have either been totally eradicated, or greatly improved by using the “non-high” component of the Cannabis plant (CBD oil).

Cannabis has two major components. THC is the portion of the plant that gets people who use it… HIGH!

CBD is the “medicinal” portion of the plant. This part of the plant, DOES NOT get you high. Read that again!

I am writing this book because I am very disappointed in my own HMO (Kaiser Hospital)  because their internal policy places MORE VALUE in keeping the news about CBD oil away from its patients, then sharing its benefits with those that could be greatly improved by using it. 

Their television advertising touts how they “care so much about keeping everyone healthy” when in fact, their primary concern is to please the pharmaceutical industry.


Because they benefit financially from drug companies, and they don’t want to piss any one of them off. 

Just like criminal investigators have learned…you solve crimes by simply “following the money”. 

My health care people, and most likely yours…place a greater level of importance on their financial relationship with drug companies, than they do on YOUR health.

My Diabetes

Bottles Of Coca Cola On Shelf

In 1990, while working at Apple Computer as a computer engineer, I found myself drinking at least a six-pack of Coca-Cola every day.

Drinking a case of Coke (or more) every week, was normal for me. 

Thus, I was constantly thirsty, and running to the bathroom every half-hour to pee.

Finally, I saw a doctor, and was diagnosed as a Type II diabetic. 

He started me off on oral medications, which I have continued to take ever since. 

Over the past twenty-five years the potency of those pills went higher and higher, and new ones were added.

Eventually I reached the maximum dosage for everything, and was told that I needed to start supplementing my oral medication with insulin.

After taking “nightmare classes” on how to inject myself, I began adding a short-term insulin to my regimen of medications.

Thank God, the ¾ inch needles, common syringe, and insulin bottles – were eventually replaced with “The Pen”.

The Pen started off with needles that were just as long as regular syringes (and just as painful) but the insulin was already packaged inside the pen, instead of forcing me to suck up insulin from a bottle in a standard syringe before injecting it. 

Now…all I needed to do was dial up the amount, and inject the set dosage.

Over the years the needle size became shorter and shorter, and finally I started using 3/16ths inch long needles.

When that happened, the incidence of needle pain was drastically reduced to once every few weeks — instead of multiple times a day.

I would have appreciated hearing about these short and nearly painless needles directly from Kaiser… 

But NO! I had to hear about it a year or more after the short needles came out from another Kaiser patient who I sat next to in their pharmacy.

Just another example, how Kaiser’s TV advertising is such bullshit. 

Any idiot must have deduced that long and thicker needles were going to hurt the patients.

However, you follow whatever the doctor tells you to do, so, I took insulin, multiple times per day, and I put up with the occasional pain of that ¾” needle.

When I discovered that shorter needles were available from a fellow patient (the pharmacists should have said something long before that time) I was ecstatic.

Those shorter needles made things a lot more tolerable. For anyone who has just discovered that they are now a diabetic…

In the beginning: being thirsty all the time, spending half your day in the bathroom peeing, and falling asleep anytime you sit down to relax, are usually the first symptoms.

In fact, I didn’t feel sickly at all, which is a real problem for people who have not been diagnosed.  

Many do not even know that they are diabetic… at least until things get much worse.

Therein lies the initial dangers of diabetes.

IF a person can get an early diagnosis, they can help arrest the problems that are certainly on the way, with this disease.

After attempting to treat my diabetes for a few years with oral drugs, my short-term insulin amounts had to go higher and higher… 

Then Kaiser told me that I would have to add a second (Long-Term) insulin to my daily meds.

As the years advanced… So, did the amount of my insulin(s) until I was taking 70 CC’s of the short-term, and 115 CC’s of the long term (at least twice a day).

Keep those numbers in mind as you continue reading my story.

Around that time Kaiser had me start seeing a Diabetes Technical Consultant. 

This was essentially a nurse who had supposedly specialized in the treatment of diabetes…

I called these women “The Wrist Slappers”.

Nurse Giving Insulin

Most of the women that I was forced to see every month, were a pain in the ass… 

One of the first, was an Asian lady who was so damned rude, that she actually took a call from another one of her patients, during my appointment with her.

I had to sit there listening, while she chastised her patient over the telephone for apparent laziness and lack of motivation to do the right things. 

Those things were “exercising” and “eating the right foods”. When she hung up I was already questioning her professionalism.

By the end of my next appointment I politely told her that I wanted to get another person to be my diabetes consultant.

She was obviously pissed off at my request, which made me conclude that this wasn’t the first time a patient of hers wanted to bail.

When she demanded a reason… I tried reminding her of my last appointment, when she took a call from another patient, who she insulted in front of me.

She denied that this happened, and then asked me what day that had happened, and when I said it was on a Friday (as my availability only allowed me to schedule Friday appointments) … she said…

“Oh now I know that isn’t true, because you’re my only Friday appointment, and I never take calls during any appointments.”

I told her that I did not care for her unprofessional attitude, but especially now, that I realize what a liar she was. 

We parted company on very questionable terms.

The two Asian ladies that followed her, over the years, were VERY nice and I liked both very much, but they were “by the book” youngsters who could not think out-of-the-box, if their lives depended on it.

Meeting with them every month was like listening to a tape recorder, on RE-play. 

They had memorized the script and all they did was repeat it at every appointment.

I was the “bad patient” who wouldn’t cooperate by eating the right foods, or exercising. 

Holding Hamburger

And with good reason they both became frustrated with me. I admit, I never budged.  

I was just too old by that time to live my life in a constant state of misery.

As time went on both simply gave up on me, and I was moved down the list to the next “Wrist Slapper”.

Over time I discovered that Kaiser occasionally forced patients to have a “fasting-blood-test” every six months, or so.

This was done (per the information that I learned from Kaiser staff) so that “The patient couldn’t cheat on their A1c readings.”

Apparently, SOME patients fiddled with their blood meters so that they could allow the “Wrist Slappers” to download only good readings, and their A1c results would be within range.

This never made sense to me, because I always understood that Kaiser Hospital and their employees are working for me.  I was paying them to help me get better!

Because my insurance benefits paid their wages, there was no way that I would be intimidated [in any way] by these “procedure zealots”, but it was clear that some of those really dedicated employees had my best interest in mind.

The problem was that I already gave up.

If my numbers didn’t please them, then they wouldn’t please me either, so I saw no point in trying to fool them. 

There was simply no advantage in doing that. I have always been outspoken so I admitted that I was probably their worst patient?

Anyway, as I was told… Those occasional Kaiser Lab – “Fasting Blood Tests”, were designed to reveal “cheaters”.

I never cheated, and I always complied.

I was already injecting myself with needles multiple times a day, so one more needle stick in the arm for a blood workup was a piece of cake.

So, on a Wednesday I went in to our local Kaiser (in Gilroy, CA) and had my required “fasting blood test”.

Introduced to CBD Oil


Now I do not want to jump around in my time-line to cause confusion with you readers, so please allow me to digress for a moment, so I can set the stage in the proper order of events to happen sequentially.

In 2015 I had heard enough about the medicinal benefits of Cannabis, but I knew NOTHING. 

So, I was determined to find out if there was any truth to the CBD OIL rumors. This included an endorsement from Sanjay Gupta on CNN.

Doctor Gupta was totally against cannabis until an eight-year-old girl with epilepsy (in Florida) named Charlotte, was filmed on a documentary about how cannabis had reduced her seizures down from hundreds a week, to just a few.

In the meantime, five brothers in Colorado set up one of their grow houses exclusively for growing CBD rich cannabis. 

Other growers mocked them, and told them that… “No one is gonna buy that crap, because you can’t get high from it?”

But the brother knew something about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and they went ahead, and grew it anyway, despite the criticism.

Collectively, they thought that that it might have medicinal benefits, and as it turned out… they were right! 

The strain that eventually helped little Charlotte overcome her epilepsy, was named “Charlotte’s Web” in her honor.

Stories like that helped to send me on a quest of my own.

With that in mind, I thought that I needed to start by acquiring a Medical Marijuana Card from a doctor. 

WRONG! (Note from CBD School: You don’t need any type of card to obtain CBD Hemp Oil. You can freely order it online from the comfort and privacy of your home)

I looked up such a doctor in San Jose, CA and found that within a half-hour the coveted “letter of approval” was mine for a mere $35.00, plus an extra $10.00 for an actual wallet sized card. WRONG!

Turns out that CBD OIL, was NEVER illegal like regular THC Pot. 

Cannabis Plant

You NEVER needed any “letter”, and those wallet cards are useless.  Save your hard-earned money!

In fact, the “wallet cards” aren’t even accepted at legal dispensaries.

It’s the letter that they want to see! And even then they’ll make a copy of your letter, and store it on site. 

If you want to enter any dispensary in California, you couldn’t do it in 2015, without that original letter in hand.


Because the laws at that time forced them to request seeing the original letter, every time – from every customer. 

Of course, now it’s 2017 and things are different.

So, I had my “letter” and my worthless wallet card, and it became legal for me (in 2015) to enter a dispensary and buy what had been totally illegal all my adult life.

I was now 66 years old, and completely oblivious to how cannabis had changed since I was a rebellious teenager.

The first dispensary I ever entered was “Kind Peoples” in Santa Cruz, California. 

There I met Christopher Carr, who was the nicest “Buds man” that I ever met.

In fact, he was the only “Buds man” that I had ever met at that point… 

He was your typical long haired, bearded, and laid back Santa Cruz bohemian.

Every word that came out of his lips about cannabis was “news to me”…

Yes. I had smoked pot when I was a teenager, but that pot was NOT the pot of 2015.

Man Lights A Joint

The bottomline was that I knew less than nothing, about this new pot!

But Chris was truly a Kind People, and seeing as I was the only customer in the place, he took a lot of time answering every question that I asked.

His inquiry about what I hoped to achieve was met with my response that I had heard that CBD oil might be able to help me with diabetic leg pain. 

And I explained that I hoped that it might also allow me to drop off to sleep faster at night, and stay asleep.

I was essentially walking around like a zombie, in a perpetual state of sleep deprivation, because of diabetic nerve pain.

So, Chris grabbed a 2-oz. bottle of CBD oil, and a small little tin of powdered THC, from the showcase. His instructions made sense, and I listened.

He said, “There is so little THC in CBD Oil that by itself there is no ‘high’ connected with it at all.  But I am recommending that you add a very small amount of this THC powder to your bottle of oil.  And every morning when you wake up, pay attention to how you slept the night before?”

If you had trouble falling asleep, then you should add a little bit more THC powder to the CBD oil for the next night. 

Do this until you reach the amount that’s right for you.”

The 2-oz. bottle of CBD OIL was $65.00 and the little tin of THC was $5.00.

I went home and started following Chris’s instructions, and after a few days I found a good mix that seemed to allow me to fall asleep almost immediately. 

But my diabetic nerve pain was still waking me up throughout the night.

On the fourth day, my wife (Nancy) asked me, “How is that oil working?” I had nothing positive to report, and I answered… “You know, I think I’m going to stop taking this crap, it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.”

Nancy was very wise, and said… “If I were you I’d at least finish the bottle. I mean, for $65.00 you want to give it a fair shake, right?” 

So, I capitulated and agreed with her. By the sixth day, my diabetic nerve pain stopped. 

As a result I quit taking a drug that Kaiser had prescribed for my diabetic nerve pain (Nortriptyline®) just to see if somehow it came back…

It didn’t!

Later my wife’s cousin told me that his partner had passed away, and that they told him that it was because he was taking Nortriptyline®. 

He was impressed that I was able to quit taking it! The bottomline is this.

As of today, (18 months later) my diabetic nerve pain has NEVER returned.

That’s the end of part I. Go on to part II to read the rest of Denny’s story.

Here’s a quick review to recap what you just read:

– Denny, like many Americans, did not eat the best diet during his life and ended up getting diagnosed with type II diabetes.

– Because of his diabetes, Denny was dealing with high blood sugar levels, diabetic nerve pain, and trouble sleeping

– Denny’s medical providers did not inform him about alternative treatments for his condition and symptoms

– Denny heard about CBD oil and decided to give it a try

– After using CBD oil for about a week, Denny’s diabetic nerve pain stopped — and it hasn’t returned

– Denny quit taking his Rx meds (Nortriptyline®) which were prescribed to him for his diabetic nerve pain

– Denny has never had to take Nortriptyline again — thanks to CBD oil

About the Author

Denny Magic was born in San Francisco in 1949; and is a retired computer engineer living in Gilroy, CA. 

Creative writing has always been something he was interested in, but it took the free time that retirement provided to finally kick-start his writing career.

Denny began writing about thirty years ago, and he’s quite surprised that he is a writer. 

He had always hated ‘English Classes’ in high school, and becoming a writer was NOT something that he ever dreamed that he’d ever do.

However, he stuck with storytelling… and with the help (and encouragement) of his late wife Nancy Alford, he was able to learn (and refine) his craft – to the point where he is finally pleased with his published short stories, books, scripts, and plays.

“My goal is to provide a variety of entertainment for readers in all genres!

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