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I recently was asked a question on Quora about cannabis oil and upset stomachs.  See my response down below.

Is cannabis oil supposed to upset your stomach?”

Thanks for the great question!

The short answer is no — this isn’t a common reaction.

Many people use cannabis oil and cannabis products to combat stomach cramps, indigestion, and nausea.

But is it possible that a cannabis oil could make your stomach upset?

Yes it is and here are some possible reasons why:

1. The cannabis oil is expired or there is some part of it that is not fresh. In that case, I would immediately stop using the product.

2. You could be having a side effect to the cannabis oil. While side effects aren’t typically a serious problem with cannabis products, upset stomachs have been reported in clinical studies. You may need to lower your dose or if it keeps happening, cannabis products may not be right for you.

3. Some other added ingredient in the cannabis oil, other than those derived from cannabis itself, could be the culprit. Check the listed ingredients on the label and see if that might solve the puzzle.

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