Our Choices for Best CBD Dog Treats

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Written by Jen Keehn

Pet owners everywhere are discovering the benefits of CBD for their dogs.   

While there isn’t much clinical evidence to support the benefits of CBD for dogs, preliminary research on the effectiveness of CBD for dogs shows some serious promise. 

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CBD clinical trials to assess the effectiveness of CBD for dogs with seizures at Colorado State University have been dubbed “encouraging.”1

A 2018 study published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science was conducted to determine how well CBD worked for the pain in dogs suffering from arthritis. Researchers found that giving dogs CBD twice daily can “increase comfort and mobility” in arthritic dogs.2

CBD dog treats are a fun and easy way to give your canine companion a regular serving of CBD, without the fuss of using a tincture.  

Whether using CBD dog treats for joint pain, CBD dog treats for anxiety, or to help control unfortunate seizures your poor pup might be experiencing, there’s a likely chance they can help. 

What Are CBD Dog Treats?

If you’ve got a dog, you’re well aware that most dogs go crazy for treats. What about giving them a treat that doesn’t just encourage them to sit and stay, but actually supports their overall wellbeing? 

CBD dog treats are just like regular dog treats, only they’re infused with CBD. They’re available in an array of different flavors and textures, much like dog treats formulated without hemp. Think bacon, beef or peanut butter flavored goodies that come in the form of crunchy biscuits or savory soft chews. 

CBD dog treats are designed much like other CBD pet products. They’re made to support your pet’s endocannabinoid system and return their health to a state of balanced harmony. 

If your dog is anything like our dogs, they’re bound to love any type of treat you give them. Do CBD dog treats really work, though?

Is CBD Effective for Dog Anxiety and Pain?

Learn About CBD for Pet Thunderstorm Anxiety

We’ve found that most dog owners are interested in CBD to manage pain and anxiety. 

Does CBD dog treats for anxiety really work though? 

What about CBD dog treats for joint pain? 

CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety

As we mentioned, there are too few clinical studies to make a claim that CBD is truly effective for dog pain and anxiety. The studies that have been done using CBD on dogs, however, show serious promise that CBD is an effective natural way to support canine wellbeing.  

While clinical evidence may be lacking, anecdotal evidence is another story. 

There are quite a few pet parents that praise CBD for its effects on their dogs’ anxiety and pain. 

When it comes to anxiety, our male dog reigns king. Sometimes we even think he’s scared of his own shadow. All 75+ pounds of him. 

We’ve found that 20mg of CBD twice a day is his sweet spot. We’ll switch this up between a tincture and CBD dog treats, and it really seems to calm his frazzled nerves. 

We’re not the only ones who’ve found CBD dog treats for anxiety work like magic. 

Take Jane Shaus, who told CNBC that after trying everything to ease the thunderstorm anxiety of her 11-year old Australian Shepard named Skid, she found CBD. Shaus maintains that after a few weeks Skid’s panic attacks stopped.3

According to Shaus, “He just didn’t even notice the storm. I can’t say it’s completely fixed him because if we get a huge thunderclap he does get a little nervous.”

Severe anxiety during a thunderstorm to being “a little nervous” seems like a huge improvement to us. 

CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain

What about CBD dog treats for joint pain and other pain issues? 

In the same study we mentioned earlier that found giving dogs CBD helped improve comfort and mobility in arthritic dogs, it was discovered that there was a significant decrease in pain in 80% of the dogs CBD was administered to.  

Reports online from dog owners that have used CBD for their canine’s pain also support the idea that it’s an effective solution to alleviate their dogs’ discomfort.

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How We Chose the Best CBD Dog Treats

If you’re familiar with CBD, you’re well aware that not all CBD products are created equal. When choosing CBD dog treats (or any CBD product), it’s imperative to choose transparent CBD brands dedicated to quality and safety. 

Whether it comes to choosing the best CBD products for humans or pets, we always make sure to keep the following requirements in mind:

Reputable CBD Brands

We only choose transparent CBD brands with a solid reputation in the industry that are dedicated to providing quality products. These brands have some longevity to the amount of time that they’ve been providing quality CBD products and they choose to be an open book with regards to how they allow consumers to learn about their products.


The brands we feature believe that our dogs deserve quality ingredients the same way humans do. The products must be made from all-natural, non-GMO hemp grown in the U.S. We’re not saying you should dig into a pack and enjoy the treat, but you probably could! 

Third-Party Lab Test Results

Products must contain third-party lab test results to ensure the cannabinoid levels in the product match what is claimed on the label and there is no presence of heavy metals, molds, or pesticides. Third-party tests are important as they hold a brand up to a certain level of quality.

Active and Inactive Ingredients

We look at all active and inactive ingredients to ensure you’re getting the highest quality CBD products available. When we say “active ingredient” we are referencing the CBD that is present in the product. An “inactive ingredient” is the additional ingredients that make up the product.

When possible, we prefer to recommend natural products made without any artificial ingredients. 


Different people (and their pets) have different needs when it comes to using CBD. We look for products with different potencies to meet the needs of as many individuals as possible. We list the amount of CBD that is included in the box or bottle, along with the amount of CBD that is in each treat or serving size.

Variety of Price

We like to include a variety of products at various prices to meet the needs of anyone’s budget. When looking at the price of each product, keep in mind that they will vary depending on strength, serving size, volume, and any other added ingredients. 

Extraction Method

We prefer to only recommend products that are created using clean, safe extraction methods. 

Keeping all this in mind, the following are CBD School’s picks for the best CBD dog treats available on the market.  

Best CBD Dog Treat Reviews

canna-pet maple bacon treats

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Best Tasting CBD Dog Treat


Advanced MaxCBD Maple Bacon


8.4mg of CBD per biscuit (37-40 biscuits per box)







cbdMD peanut butter

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Best to Share with Other Pets


CBD-Infused peanut butter


150mg jar (5mg CBD per serving); 300mg jar (10mg CBD per serving); 600mg jar (20mg CBD per serving)







medterra pet joint support

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Best for Joint Support


CBD Pet joint support


300mg CBD per bag (10mg CBD per chew)







king kanine king kalm crunch

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Best for Added Ingredients

King Kanine

King Kalm Crunch


Approximately 2-3mg CBD per treat (approximately 30 treats per bag)







joy organics dog chews

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Best for Small Dogs

Joy Organics

Premium CBD Dog Chew


60mg CBD per jar (2mg CBD per chew)







LolaHemp Omega Hemp Soft Chews

10% off discount with code CBDSCHOOL 

Read Our LolaHemp Brand Review Here

Best for Multiple Quantity Offerings


Omega Hemp Soft Chews


15mg CBD per bag option; 90mg CBD per bag option and 180mg CBD per bag option (3mg CBD per chew in all bag options)







innovetpet chews

15% off discount with code CBDSCHOOL

Best for Additional Vitamins


Advanced Multivitamin Soft Chews


90mg CBD per bottle (1mg per chew)







How Much CBD Should You Give Dogs For Anxiety and Joint Pain?

Learn the Proper Way to Determine How Much CBD to Administer

There aren’t any recommended dosing guidelines for dogs when it comes to using CBD for anxiety and joint pain.  

That being said, there are recommended guidelines by veterinarians on how much CBD to give your pets. 

Most vets agree to start with the lowest dose possible and work your way up until you notice the effects you’re looking for.

Dr. Gary Richter is an Oakland, CA vet who recommends 0.5-5mg CBD per 10 pounds of body weight twice daily. 

Richter encourages pet owners to start low and slowly increase the dose every 4-7 days.4

He maintains that “doses near the lower end of the range are effective” and “higher doses of CBD may be beneficial in certain circumstances.” 

When using CBD dog treats, your best bet is what is typically recommended to people when they begin using CBD: start low and go slow.

For more information on serving sizes for dogs, you can read CBD for dogs’ article here.

How Long Do The Effects Of CBD Dog Treats Last?

Every dog is unique with its own special needs and body chemistry, meaning how long the effects of CBD dog treats last will vary. 

When using CBD dog treats for anxiety or as an anti-inflammatory, you might expect the effects to last between 2-4 hours. 

Keep in mind, however, that CBD affects every dog differently. How long the effects of CBD dog treats last in one dog could be significantly different from the next.  

CBD Legality

When CBD is sourced from the hemp plant and meets certain legal requirements, it is considered legal under federal law. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived CBD products must contain no more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis.

CBD Safety and Side Effects

Discover What the Side Effects of Using CBD Oil Products Are

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), naturally occurring CBD is considered safe and well-tolerated in humans and animals.

There are no clinical reports of the side effects of CBD in dogs. The American Kennel Club (AKC) asserts  that some of the side effects of CBD that may be seen in dogs include those that are seen in humans, including6

Final Thoughts About The Best CBD Treats For Dogs

CBD treats for dogs are a great way to give your favorite fur baby a regular serving of CBD in the fun form of a treat they’ll love. 

We believe the best CBD dog treats are those made all-natural ingredients, premium CBD and a whole lot of love. 

Whether you’re interested in CBD dog treats for anxiety, CBD dog treats for joint pain, are looking for a natural anti-inflammatory or simply want to support your dog’s overall wellbeing, the CBD dog treats listed here are all designed to help your dog naturally live his or her best life.  


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